Experience at Indian Coffee House, Trivandrum

After a tired journey finally came Trivandrum station and we were more than pleased to get down.

To fuel our body, we came out of the station and happened to see Indian Coffee House.

Excited after having a wonderful experience at Indian Coffee House at Ernakulam, we reached there.
Unlike the structure at Ernakulam, the Indian Coffee House at Trivandrum had a lighthouse like structure. It had 3 sloping floors and served 30 tables, with 10 on each floor.
So we occupied table number 6 and waited for placing the order.

After 4 mins of us occupying the table, a waiter finally came with the menu card and we quickly placed our water. 9 mins later he came again and placed 2 glass of water. We were so famished by then that we just gulped down the water within seconds of him serving us that.

In the meantime till our order came, we randomly observed the environment around us and noticed that due to the building structure being a slope, waiters had to carry the food very carefully amongst other waiters and also crowd. That was actually slowing the process of you getting the food soon :)

Finally after 18mins, our order came and i asked him for spoons. Again after which i realised that it might take some more time for that to actually appear. After 21 mins, finally the spoon came.
At the 25th minute we were done hogging on our breakfast. My husband wanted to have some tea so we called for the waiter and ordered tea,

The hot tea came at 35 min. However at 37th minute he brought the bill and put it in front of us, Waiters are very prompt in this i guess. We had tea, made our payment and finally left.

This was a total 45 minute interesting experience while having breakfast at Indian Coffee House, Trivandrum.

Weekly Workout Recap - 23Feb

Walking update for the week 17th Feb-23rd Feb !

DayDateStepsDistance in KMTime
12/17/2014112497.191 Hr 15 Min
22/18/2014110827.091 Hr 15 Min
32/19/2014102896.581 Hr
42/20/2014101166.471 Hr
52/21/2014110097.041 Hr 15 Min
62/22/2014117187.491 Hr 20 Min
72/23/2014112187.171 Hr 15 Min

Total Weekly Distance : 49.07 Km
Total Distance in Feb : 151.18 Km

Motivational Monday - 2/17

"Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful."  - Joshua J. Marine

Weekly Workout Recap - 16Feb

Walking update for the week 10th Feb-16th Feb !

DayDateStepsDistance in KMTime
12/10/2014105016.721 Hr
22/11/2014110377.061 Hr 15 Min
32/12/2014100216.411 Hr
42/13/2014111717.141 Hr 15 Min
52/14/2014115997.421 Hr 15 Min
62/15/2014111097.101 Hr 15 Min
72/16/2014117757.531 Hr 20 Min

Total Weekly Distance : 49.41 Km
Total Distance in Feb : 102.11 Km

Weekly Workout Recap - 9Feb

Walking update for the week 3rd Feb-9th Feb !

DayDateStepsDistance in KMTime
12/3/201495326.101 Hr
22/4/201499916.391 Hr
32/5/201490615.7950 Min
42/6/201495376.101 Hr
52/7/201481885.2450 Min
62/8/201493305.9750 Min
72/9/201494006.011 Hr

Total Weekly Distance : 41.62 Km
Total Monthly Distance : 52.69 Km

Travel Trip to Kerala - Ernakulam - Day 1

2/2/2014 - As part of our trip to Kerala started from Hyderabad on saturday by Shabari express which reached Ernakulam next day at 14:30. Train was on time which was a great news to start the travel.
From station we took an auto from prepaid auto stand to our guest house.
Jousrney from station to Guest house was pretty smooth and thankfully much faster than expected. Also there was no trouble in locating the guest house as it was near the main road from station.

Checkin done at Hotel Biju's guest house and we were given our rooms fast.
The rooms were very clean and with windows facing the main rood it was very bright as well.
After some relaxing and exploring around the room, we left to have some snacks near the guest house.
We had checked that Indian Coffee House was near our place and left to have our snacks there.
And again we just had to leave the gate of our guest house and take a left turn and there was Indian Coffee House waiting for us to have some good snacks.
Being one of the oldest hotels, we could see the waiters still wearing the traditional caps with smiling faces.
We had the south indian dosa and coffee for our snacks both of which were served quite fast.
After a happy tummy and good food, we set off to visit Vypeen island.
For this we went to boat jetty and took a ferry to in Vypeen island. On the way we passed through another island and Fort Kochi.
On reaching Vypeen island, we visited church and got to see some awesome Chinese fishing nets.
Had a good evening walk along the beach and watched sunset happening around 18:30
After that for our return we took a ferry to Ernakulam at 20:00
On reaching, headed to Marine drive walkway for a
Long walk.
While watching the people and enjoying our walk, happened to come across a restaurant Hotel Surya and we decided to have our dinner there.
After dinner, walk back to our guest house and retire for the day !

Weekly Workout Recap - 2Feb

Walking update for the week 27th Jan-2nd Feb !

DayDateStepsDistance in KMTime
11/27/201480225.1350 Min
21/28/201493395.9750 Min
31/29/201495096.081 Hr
41/30/201481665.2250 Min
51/31/201495316.091 Hr
62/1/201485775.4850 Min
72/2/201487195.5850 Min

Total Weekly Distance : 39.59 Km
Total Distance in Jan : 173.6 Km
Total Distance in Feb : 11 Km