Ready to go with Datsun redi-GO!!

Until a very long time, having a car was considered a luxury. When Maruti Suzuki launched Maruti 800 couple of years ago, it became popular across several households. Being affordable its popularity increased and became one of the successful cars in the starting segment. I still remember my dad's old Maruti 800 car which served him faithfully. It had taken us to several places safely and had gone to several road-trips too. Until many years, Maruti 800 had no competition but realizing the potential and demand many additions like Alto, Nano, Kwid got added.

Now Nissan has joined the league with the recent launch of Datsun redi-GO. The team at Datsun refers to this car as the ideal choice for ‘ready-to-go’ generation. When I came across this car, I got curious and went on to look at what makes this car ideal for us.

This car has been designed specially for today's Indian generation who are always on the go. It brings together a unique combination of style and luxury with the best in Japanese technology at affordable prices!

As they have correctly put it across, it gives the youth the freedom and confidence to go on a fun trip to their destination.
"Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.."

In addition this car has some cool features which makes it the ideal car for our road-trips.
1) Many a times we have we come across narrow roads while driving to several urban places. With our existing sedan it becomes very difficult to drive there and taking U-turns is stressful as we need to take care to not hit somewhere. However with Datsun redi-GO, the compact size it will easily fit these narrow roads. No longer will taking U-Turns be stressful with this beauty. Also its sleek and sporty look gives it a stylish appeal. In addition to these exterior looks, driving with a feather light steering wheel would be super easy in crowded urban places.

2) For short folks like me, it is a stress to drive my sedan since I have to really strain my neck to look ahead of the steering wheel. Many a times, I have had to add extra cushion to the driving seat and sit on top of it so that it could add extra height for me which would be comfortable while driving. When I heard that Datsun redi-GO has heightened stances, I was really overjoyed. This will not only give you better view of the roads outside but is also a boon for short people like me from having the trouble to look ahead while driving. Another unique feature is the force absorbing bolster support in the seats which will make driving in urban roads a pleasure when on high speed cornering.
I would really love to test this feature while driving here in Hyderabad. The bolstering support in the seats would be something I would love to check on our next visit to Charminar during Ramzon so that we can be ready for our upcoming road trip.

3) One of the important sources of entertainment while on long drives is the audio system. With the options of having Radio, USB, MP3, Aux-in , it provides multiple options to hear pumping music and keep you entertained while driving.

All these features make me ready to go with Datsun redi-GO and I am waiting to test drive and check these unique features so that we are all set and ready to go with our own redi-GO!!