Dreaming big with Pad Thai !

"It would easily take us another 1 hour if we continue our way now. Let us have food in the food court near office", I said to my husband as we were driving our way back home from work. It was 21:30 already and we could see huge traffic on our way. Heavy rains were already pouring adding to the traffic. "I am bored of the usual meals in the food court. Lets check the new restaurant Wonton that has opened near the foodcourt", my husband said. I agreed to his suggestion and we walked to Wonton. 
It was a new restaurant that had opened in the Hitec City area. Although it was earlier in Gachibowli we had never been there but had heard a lot about their food. At 21:30 this place was full but still had few tables vacant. We chose a pretty table near the window to keep an eye on the traffic while having food. The server came immediately to our table, greeted us and handed the menu card to place order. The restaurant had dim lights all around it and while it gave a romantic environment, my eyes fell on the Thai cuisine varieties they had in their menu. Most of the items listed there seemed quite interesting and I was keen to try out a few items. We inquired about some of the items to see whats the specialty and some to see the spice levels, we finally placed an order for the Pad Thai noodles. The server told us that Pad Thai was an exotic dish of Thailand cooked using glass noodles while being served with powdered peanut. The entire concept of glass noodles seemed quite interesting to me and we were curious to see what it is all about.
In just about 10 minutes, what came to our table was the most incredible noodles I had ever had in my life. It was neatly cooked and had its aroma all over. The quantity of the noodles was excellent for both of us. The taste of the Pad Thai glass noodles with powdered peanuts sprinkled over it was the most incredible noodles I had in my life. It just made me forget about the traffic jam or the heavy downpour that was on. We were soaking every moment we had while enjoying having Pad Thai noodles.
For both of us being foodies, this was quite an amazing experience we had at the Wonton. Being the curious couple, we had a great conversation with the server who explained us about the uniqueness of this cuisine and how exotic it is in Thailand. For the taste of the local residents, they had added some more Indian spices and made it more customized. However the server suggested that we must try the original authentic dish in Thailand. 
As much as we enjoyed the dinner that day, the server's words still stayed in my head. How cool will it be to enjoy this authentic dish in Thailand. How freaking awesome will it be to try this exotic Thai cuisine with the locals there. Since that day trying this exotic cuisine has been on my dream board and I am confident that I will make it one day there with my family and enjoy the moments there as much as we can.

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