Ganesh Chaturthi !!

This week we celebrated first Ganesh Chaturthi after marriage. I have many of my childhood memories related to this festival. Having grown up in Mumbai, i have always been a part of this awesome festival and look forward to it. This year Ganesh Chaturthi is on aug usually lasts for 10 days.

At my parents place, we celebrate this festival by keeping a small idol of Ganesh at home for 1 day. We then invited many guests and relatives and would have prayers and distribute modaks to them. After that we do the immersion of the Ganesh after 1 day. But at my in-law's place they do not follow this tradition. But my husband was fascinated by the idea of keeping Ganesh at home and so we brought a cute looking Ganesh and plan to keep for 3 days and invited neighbors to our place for the prayers.

For the first time I made these items and pretty impressed with the outcome. I will share the recipes later :)

  • Steamed Modak
  • Sweet Pooranam
  • Mani Kozhakattai 
  • Medhu Vadai

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