Day 31 | Last person to tell

Question : Who is the last person to tell you they loved you?

The last person to tell that they loved me was my husband during our monthly anniversary last week :)

Day 30 | House is a home

Question : My house is a home because _______________________.

My house is a home because its similar to what a dream home should be like - huge, spacious and in an awesome locality.

Day 29 | Last major purchase

Question : What was your last major purchase?

My last major purchase was all the costumes, and compulsive shopping done for my wedding.

Day 28 | Tomorrow I will

Question : Tomorrow I will _________________________.

Tomorrow I will get up early because these days we are ending up going to bed late and due to the cold weather we are getting up late. 

Day 27 | Spent at grocery store

Question : How much did you spend at the grocery store the last time you went?

I spent about Rs1000 last time I went to the store to do my weekly grocery shopping.

Day 26 | Temperature today

Question : Today the temperature was ___________________.

The temperature today was about 30°C. It was very cold today even during the day.

Day 25 | Favorite drink

Question : What is your favorite thing to drink?

My favorite drink since my school days is Milk with Complan or Horlicks. I look forward to have a cup of milk every morning to kick start my day.

Day 24 | Looking for from life

Question : What are you looking for from life?

I am looking forward to have a purpose oriented life. I am looking to answer so many questions like what do I need to do, What am I trying to accomplish, Have I taken the right choice and so on that runs across.

Day 23 | Today Unusual

Question : What made today unusual?

Today was unusual because I packed Idlis for lunch. Normally we have Idlis for breakfast but because I was not feeling well, decided to have something light like idlis for lunch.

Day 22 | Tomorrow will be better

Question : Tomorrow will be better because ___________________.

Tomorrow will be better because it is start of a new week.I am not keeping well today due to some food poisoning. So most of the time is spent on having medicines and taking rest.Tomorrow will be better because it is start of a new week. I will be able to focus more on work and have a productive day tomorrow.

Day 21 | Wish I had

Question : Today I wish I had more _________________.

Today I wish I had more more finance with me. I wish I had started saving early. 

Tava Chapati !!

Chapati's are frequently made at my place. My husband and I both love eating chapatis. Due to that its always been an experiment making chapatis. Initially I used to always get incorrect proportion in preparing dough or I would never get a round Chapati. There have also been instances when my chapati came out so thick and crispy that you could eat it like a papad. But my consistent practice, I was able to make good chapatis. 

Ingredients :
Wheat flour - 2 cup
Salt - 1/2 tsp 
Water - 3/4 cup
Oil - 1/2 tsp (optional)

Method :
1) Add wheat flour, salt in a wide bowl and mix them well. 
2) Add water little by little to form a soft solid dough.
3) Add oil and knead it again till it becomes not be too tight or too loose.
Simple test at this stage is when you pick a sample small piece it should be solid and non sticky.
4) Now break the dough into small pieces.
5) Roll these balls evenly using your palm
6) Roll each ball into thin circles evenly by dusting flour as required.
7) Heat tawa and keep in medium flame.
8) Add the flattened out roti dough and wait for few seconds.
9) Once small bubbles begin to appear, flip it to other side.
10) Wait for few more minutes till brown spots appear.
11) Carefully flip it over again till both sides are cooked and transfer it to hot pack. 
12) Repeat the same procedure for all other roti balls. 

Day 20 | Hardest thing to deal with

Question : What was the hardest thing you’re dealing with?

Currently the hardest thing I am dealing with is change. There are so many changes that happened recently like my wedding, moving to a new place, moving to new project at work, new friends, missing Mumbai etc that is getting hard to deal with each of them. 

Day 19 | Favorite website

Question : My current favorite website is _________________.

My current favorite website is Facebook. Although i had an account in it earlier i used to rarely access it. Now i am just hooked to it and love the fact that I get to stay connected with my friends.

Day 18 | Best part of today

Question : The best part of today was ______________

The best part of today was that I had cooked lunch and dinner for us in the morning before we left for work. This made it so easy to just reheat the food and have for dinner unlike the days when i had to come home and then cook dinner when I was already very exhausted from work.

Day 17 | Grateful today

Question : What are you grateful for?

I am grateful that my day at work ended peacefully and the demo went well. I am grateful that I was able to reach home and have dinner with my husband together.

Day 16 | In Love with

Question : Who are you in love with?

I love my husband to whom I am married for past 6 months for being so understanding and supportive. 

Day 15 | Last on the phone

Question : Who last called you on the phone?

As of now, my husband had called me last on the phone to check if i reached home from work.

Day 14 | Getting it done

Question : What did you get done?

After much delay and dilly dally, i have finally started this blog and updating it regularly.

Pongal !!

Pongal is a harvest festival celebrated to thank Sun God in the month of January in Tamil Nadu

This being our first Pongal after marriage, my parents are here to celebrate with us. We received gifts and dresses from my parents as "Thalai Pongal" gift.

On the previous day the celebrations start a day before where we clean the house and discard old things. Today morning we woke up early, wore new clothes and decorated the puja place with rangoli and placed lamps on it. On this day, people visit their relatives and friends house for a get together

The festival is then celebrated by preparing different delicacies of Pongal like Sweet Pongal and Ven Pongal, Vada, Payasam for worship. 

Day 13 | Dinner today

Question : What did you have for dinner today?

I am yet to have my dinner today. But i have planned to make Chapatis and Brinjal curry for dinner.

Day 12 | Making me mad

Question : What is making you mad?

Traffic sense in Hyderabad is currently making me mad. It really stresses out the driver when bikers come from all over and drive past you.

Day 11 | Favorite accessory

Question : What’s your favorite accessory?

My favorite accessory are earrings. Anything from a simple pair to something small or big, long and graceful, adds a feminine touch to your costume !!

Day 10 | Made me smile today

Question : What made you smile today?

Many reasons for me to smile today -
1) One week already in the new year. Time flies real fast.
2) Today is my sister-in-law Vaishnavi's birthday. 
3) Today is also birthday of my best friend Deepti from college. Makes me smile remembering the times we celebrated her birthday back in college.

Day 9 | Current favorite snack

Question : What is your current favorite snack?

I currently snack a lot on bread with crunchy peanut butter. This is my recent find and favorite snack at work. 

Day 8 | Last “good” thing I ate

Question : What is the last “good” thing you ate?

Fresh vegetables for dinner last night.

New Year Goals !!

I have heard that many people write down their goals as it helps them stay accountable. I have never done this before but none the less decided to give it a try from this year. This will be the first time I am actually writing down my goals.

So my goals for this year will be -

1) Having Breakfast
2) Having home cooked food for lunch and dinner
3) Update my Tamil :) (Yeah coming from Mumbai, my Tamil is lot different compared to my husband and in-laws and sometimes there is difficulty in understanding each other mainly because of the language)
4) Focus on my work. Although in same organisation, after wedding I have moved to a new location and new project. 

Day 7 | People change

Question : Can people change?

Yes definitely people do change with time. Best example I can give now are my friends Surekha, Swapna from college.

Day 6 | Possession I can't live without

Question : What possession could you not live without?

Without doubts my cell phone.

Day 5 | Last major achievement

Question : What was the last major accomplishment you had?

Considering that i am married for 6 months now, cooking 4 times a day all by myself is a major accomplishment.

Also i am cleaning the house and doing other housework without any additional help. For someone who never went to kitchen and never even picked a broom before wedding, I consider these as major accomplishments over the last 6 months.

Day 4 | Best memory of last year

Question : What is your best memory of last year?

There are quite a lot of good memories from last year. Below are top 2 form my list of memories -

1) My wedding on 22nd May. 
2) Leaving Mumbai and moving to Hyderabad.

Day 3 | Content

Question : Are you content?

Although i have most wonderful parents and supportive husband, there is this painful feeling that what I have isn't enough. I guess with some major life changes that happened, the best way to be content with life is to adjust my perspectives and daily actions, which might make me more likely to appreciate what I have now.

Day 2 | Very Grateful

Question : What are you most grateful for?

I am so grateful that GOD gave me the most wonderful parents and supportive husband.