Airtel 4G Rocks !

Good news for all you high speed internet lovers.With India’s major telecom Bharti Airtel Ltd rolling out its 4G services, you are going to love the lightning fast internet speeds on the go. Gone are the days when you will have to spend time waiting for movie downloads. 

With Airtel 4G being the first telecom operator rolling out 4G services, it is now available nationwide across 296 cities. One good news is that we just pay the price of 3G for 4G. Another good news is that by just tweeting #GetAirtel4G, they are giving a free 4G SIM and Airtel provides free home delivery of 4G SIM. 

I am already going crazy thinking of all the things i could do with this unbelievable speed offered. It will be fantastic to stream videos so fast. By downloading apps for shopping like Flipkart and Amazon, I could do my shopping really quick with 4G speed.

For someone like me, who loves to keep her playlist updated earlier i had to face the trouble in streaming videos and wasting time to download songs. I had to set the downloads to happen overnight so that it would get completed by morning which was really waste of time and electricity. But now I could download my favorite songs within seconds. 

Whenever friends drop-in at our place, we always end up watching movies along with partying. Now I could  download my favorite movies without worrying about slow speed. Previous seasons of reality shows and finale of The Bachelorette could now be seen without streaming issues. 

It normally takes me about 1 hour to commute to my office. The only fruitful task I do then is browse through social media and stay connected with friends. With 4G network, it could now make it easier to access social media. I could now maybe write my blog during the commute which could save me lot of time when i reach home and make life easy. On days when I need to book a cab online, it would be really convenient using Airtel4G and make the cab booking process quick and hassle-free.

And how do we forget the chat with our family and loved ones. I would definitely not like any kind of delays during our chats. So our Whatsapp and Skype conversations could be smooth without any interruptions. Any time I would want to do a video call, due to slow internet problems I could only hear their voice and not see them. This would be really disheartening because the whole purpose of having video calls to see your loved ones was lost. But with 4G, experience in video calling would also be amazing.

On the whole, I am already loving thinking how great life will be with 4G and I would like to thank Airtel for coming up with Airtel 4G and making our lives easier.

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