Five Friday Favorites - 16Jan

This has been a wonderful week so far and I have plans for great weekend! I and hubby will be going to watch a movie with friends and party this Saturday. It is funny but it has been a long time since i went to watch a movie at the theater. So i am looking forward to spend a good time with some of my favorite people.

Let me get into my 5 favorite things this week! 

1) Quote :


This was the perfect quote for me this week. Last Sunday, I just did not feel like going for my run. I had to run solo that day. Added to it, it was so very cold that it was more difficult to change from PJ's. At that point of time all i needed was a push and motivation. I just forced myself outside and after a tough start had the best run ever.

2) Workout: 


I am still following the TIU workout challenge and stuck to the schedule for 3 weeks.  I am beginning to see small changes in my body. My energy levels are up and can sense some inches being down. Really excited about it and feeling proud of myself to have consistently followed it. 

3) Food : 


Last weekend I was making omelette for breakfast and got the idea to add some vegetables to it and make it look interesting :) 
I added some onions, garlic, spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms to the omelette, The final result was a colorful and interesting looking omelette. It turned out to be really yummy.

4) Movie : 

On Sunday, hubby and I happened to watch the movie - Moon-rise Kingdom. We had not watched this movie earlier. It turned out to be an romantic drama movie and we loved watching young lovers together.

5) Best Moment : 


OMG. This has to be the best moment in this week. Yesterday I had to give a speech at my place. It was all over my mind yesterday and I was really nervous about this . Guess what - I won the Best Speaker award !!! I was so happy. I had won a best speaker award last week too. This is the second time i am getting the best speaker award for two weeks in a row. This was so unexpected and definitely a good confidence booster for the year !!

Happy Friday!

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  1. Congrats on best speaker! So many love the TIU workouts. Maybe I need to finally try it.

    Thanks for linking up with Fitness Friday!

    1. Thank you so much !! Yes i would definitely suggest you to try once. You may love it as well :)