Travelling locally, nationally and globally !!

Tomorrow I have to give a speech at my workplace on Travelling. So i spent some time preparing for it this week. This was all on my mind this week. Below is my speech on Travelling -


“The world is a book, and those who don't travel only read one page.”

I will be giving my second speech today and title is travelling locally, nationally and globally.

Do you have a passion? What is it that you day dream about when you think about living a life that you desire? 


One of my passions in life is travelling. I absolutely love travelling. I love excitement, adventure and variety that i get from travelling. It makes me more aware of sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures than if i just stayed in the same place doing the same routine. Travelling can be accomplished in a variety of different levels including locally, nationally and globally.

I would like to share with you how i have included travelling in my life at each of these different levels.

There was a time when i think i did not travel very well due to college studies and busy classes and a small budget.  With my passion for travelling i discovered ways in which i can satisfy this need by going to different local places that i have not visited before. I took advantage of days when my relatives visited us and went with them to museum, gardens, aquarium, zoo, orcehestras, special restaurants, mall, historical monuments. There is always many many places that you can visit locally when you just look around.

There are also some places like local resorts which offer discounted rates during offseasons. I also took advantage of such offers and deals to such places so that i could fit it into my budget and could visit places at discounted rates. It was a great way to satisfy need to travel when it was not easy for me to go on long trip.


Gradually I was able to take more trips across the country. National trips can take on a variety of themes. One of the theme could be places of national significance. eg Delhi. National trip could also be to go see a place of natural wonder eg: Himalayas or thar deserts. A national trip could also be for educational purposes maybe visiting different colleges or travelling for training for a particular job that you would be taking on. Travelling could also be for excitement eg: Amusement parks like Essel world or water kingdom. Travelling across the country could also be for simple relaxation at a resort. Whatever is the theme of national travelling i like them all.


International travel is an opportunity for an incredible learning experience. Global trips add an extra element of exotic excitement with different cultures, languages and food. I think that knowing the language of another country really adds to the full expierience. 
International travel can be done for cheap if planned correctly. Taking advantage of foreign exchange rates allows travelers to extend their vacations and have experiences that would not be affordable at home.Trips to other countries can also have different themes the main reason people think of is for pleasure as in sightseeing maybe with a tourist group. Another reason for trip maybe a job offer for a period of time in another country.Another reason maybe that a  person could go to see friends and relatives and stay for a period of time. Personally i found the best way to visit another country is to have another person that you already know who lives there, who you can stay with and who can show you around.It really helps when you are in another country to have somebody there. 
It would be great to visit a country and meet your friends who live there. 

In conclusion i hope that i have given you a glimpse of how travelling has enhanced my life and i would like to challenge you that if you do not travel too much you could atleast take some time to checkout local places in your area and see how travelling in that way can enhance your life too. 

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