Birthday Celebration !!

Last Sunday happened to be my birthday. Husband had planned for a small cake cutting and dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. So husband and I decided to celebrate my birthday at our favorite Hard Rock Cafe in GVK mall. This place happens to be favorites for both of us. Also this is one of the few place here serving excellent food along with great music.

So we went there in evening and this was the first time I was visiting Hard Rock Cafe in Hyderabad. I had been a regular visitor to this cafe in Mumbai but after moving to Hyderabad this was my first visit. 

As we entered, we were given a warm welcome. On our right was the Rock Shop, which had its own unique modern retail look and feel. This shop provides a huge array of products ranging from t-shirts to unique patterns to their signature pins.

We then moved in to our table which was in a quiet little corner. From there we were able to have a good view of the entire cafe. The cafe was good enough to seat around 180 people.

The interior was classic and as always unique. There was a band that was playing Alternative Rock when we were in. This is again a genre which both of us like.

The food was the best part. We started with Fish and Chips. This was my ultimate favorite in Mumbai and I wanted to try this here. It is seasoned & breaded fillet of Basa fish served with seasoned fries & tartare sauce. The taste was just so yummy. The fish was really tender, and it almost melted in my mouth.

Then we had my husband's favorite Jumbo combo along with Pina Colada. The jumbo combo includes spring rolls, Onion Rings,Potato Skins and Tomato Bruschetta  served along with four different sauces such as mustard, mayonnaise, BBQ and cheese. The potato skins were totally lip-smacking! The onion rings were good too. We were completely filled with this and loved it. 

Along with the food, we had Pina Colada. It was really very refreshing. The service was excellent and the food was on time without any long waiting. 

We completely loved the ambiance there and the staff were also very cooperative and friendly. It was evening well spent. 

Thank you Hard Rock Cafe Hyderabad for giving me memorable moments on my birthday. 

Diwali !!

This year we celebrated Diwali together as a married couple. It’s supposed to be very special occasion since it is out first Diwali as husband and wife. 

Diwali is termed as festival of lights. It is a happy occasion with firecrackers and  lamps illuminating the ambiance in our homes along with sweet delicacies and new attires. 

My husband and I had been looking forward for this occasion for a long time. After wedding this is the first time we will be meeting our parents.The first Diwali is being hosted by the bride’s family for the newlyweds. 

We reached Chennai two days before Diwali so that we could spend time with my parents and help them on the preparation and decorations around the house. We also had some shopping being planned. We also went to purchase the crackers of our choice.

On Diwali morning, we got up early to have our oil bath. After that we put on our new attires, said our prayers and then went outside to burst crackers. Once we were done with initial crackers celeberation, it was then time to enjoy the sweet delicacies.We then distribute the sweets to our neighbors and relatives and this is a good time to also bond with them.

The next day we left to Trichy to spend time with his parents. In a way we will be celebrating Diwali with both our parents. we reached their place for lunch enjoyed the company. At night we had all my husbands relatives come over for dinner. We burst crackers too and had a good time chatting with them. A Diwali to remember! 

It was a fantastic day and I had a great time with my husband and family.Happy Diwali once again!