A birthday - Always remembered !

"Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end." — Robin Sharma

This particular quote struck in my mind the moment I came across it. Infact everytime I come across this quote, this beautiful moment flashes across.

After being married for 5 months, I could not agree more with this. The entire phase of getting married and settling down with your husband in a new city is a different challenge in itself. Like everyone I had to go through my share of struggle and some more than what I had expected.The initial month turned out to be a daily nightmare of regular fights and communication gaps. Leaving your friends and family is by no means easy for a girl and the hopes of getting the same care, affection and love from her husband is what keeps her hopes alive.

Unlike every year, this year my birthday would be with my husband. I had lot of hopes that he would celebrate it in a grand way with surprises and love. But till a month before my birthday nothing of the sorts was being discussed or observed. With this pattern, I thought my husband may have forgotten my birthday itself. 

But imagine my surprise when my husband came back to me a week later and said we are planning to go to Bangkok on July10th for 5 days. With my birthday being on July14th, I thought this may be a surprise from my husband. But he mentioned that it was long since we went on a vacation after our honeymoon. So he had planned this trip. Fine still as long as it coincided with my birthday i considered it a win.

The much awaited day of the travel arrived. What a day it was. It was raining nonstop from the previous night. So there was power cuts the entire night. We had thankfully packed our luggage much earlier and booked a cab till the airport. However the cab driver arrived 30 minutes later than the booked time. We had him come 2 hours before the flight time, so his delay caused a bit of panic. Added to it there were traffic jams on the road. We got really panicked if we would make it on time to our flight. 

At that moment my husband got a message from AirAsia that our flight was delayed by 2 hours due to the rains. So we could take a breather and reach airport before time. Then we went to checkin and take boarding pass. Imaging my luck when our checkin luggage turned out overweight and we had to shed some extra money to let them allow us to take. My husband was obviously very annoyed and started speaking rudely that I may have brought unnecessary things for the travel which caused extra weight. I tried to calm him down, payed the fine and got boarding pass. The entire flight journey he didnt speak to me. 

On reaching Bangkok, we looked for the cab driver our hotel had sent. He was waiitng for us. We boarded the cab and sat silently. All this while I was cursing me to have had over expectations about this trip and having packed a few dresses more. When the cab driver stopped outside Baiyoke Sky Towers, I was spellbound. It was a huge building and my husband had booked the terrace area for a special birthday party for me.

I was completely taken aback and hugged him. He said the entire thing was a drama to give me a surpise and the entire fight was forgotten and we celebrated my birthday on the terrace of Bayoke towers.

This #MagicOfWarmth moment with my husband definitely melted my heart and will always be cherished.

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