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It was nearing lunch time on a rainy Sunday afternoon. My parents were here and we had planned to go out for lunch and then watch latest movie Sultan. We were waiting for this day since long as we wanted to spend time with parents and also wanted to relax on Sunday. Everything was going as we thought when suddenly my husband got an urgent office work to attend. Not wanting to cancel the plan, I decided to go with my parents ahead and my husband would catch up with us in the mall after his work completed. We booked Ola cabs and waited for the cab to come. All this because I couldn't drive my husband's Ford Fiesta sedan car. Honestly, nothing to do with the car. It is a very good car. However with my height being 5 feet, I had trouble driving the car.

Wish I had a better height. I would always wear wedges not because I loved wearing heels but because I did not want to appear like a short dwarf near my 6 ft 2 inches husband. I attributed this to my genes but there were many times when I would lose my confidence or feel inferior to other girls because I didn't have a good height.  

Although I know this is not in my control and I need to accept this, it always takes me back to thinking how important having a good height and weight plays in our daily life. How crucial it is to inculcate the importance of growth right from the early days. For kids these days it is even more important to highlight the importance of this. With the amount of adulterated food that is available these days in market , it is very important that we feed the right food to our children for proper growth. As a very simple example, I don't remember including nutritious foods like millet in my diet. Health mix powders like Sattu were not something I even recollect consuming. But kids these days are addicted to chips and wafers.  Several years back millet and hard work were what our grandparents had and that is why they are still strong even at 60. With the food that we consume these days, it is not common to hear about 20 and 30-year-olds suffering from diabetes and having attacks. A strong nutritious foundation is what is missing these days. Parents are more worried whether the kids are at the right height and weight. However if more awareness if given on the right nutrition for triggering this growth then it would be more helpful.

As parents when we bring kids into this world, it is our responsibility to ensure proper growth for them. Any short back there will affect not only us but them too. Consuming healthy and nutritious food like Horlicks Growth+ and allowing kids to stay active will ensure to have them in the right track for growth. It is time that we as parents understand the importance of this and change the future for our kids. This will not only boost their growth but also improve their confidence to ride the sedan of their life. 

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