Never Give Up !!!

"I am going to Los Angeles. I cannot believe this", my friend Archana called me at 8am in the morning to say this. "Are you dreaming?", I asked back. "No babes. I just checked the email from my manager and he wants me to travel in January. I am so happy since then that i am just calling everyone to say this". 


I could feel the excitement in her voice. She had always wanted to go to US. It was like her childhood dream. She worked really hard to make her dream come true. I know Archana since college days. Once she had set a goal, she would do everything to get it done. But going to US was something which was not in her control. She came from a middle class home where her parents worked hard to meet ends. I still remember the day Archana would wear same jeans for college the entire week as her family could not afford expensive dresses. I think it was after a really long time that we had seen her get another new jeans. Today she along with her 2 sisters got good education and are earning independently.

I remember the days in college when she would tell me that her cousins went to US for further studies. But she could not do that as her family could not afford to send her to US for her further studies. It was always in her mind to go to US. Once into work, she still had her goal in mind and worked day and night at her job so that at-least this way she could fulfill her dream of going to the US. Finally that day her hard work was recognized and her travel was approved for 1 year.


I was so happy for her. I went to meet her that day and tears came in my eyes as I saw my friend. She was a real epitome of determination and commitment. Never give up on your dreams is something i learnt from her that day. Here is wishing you all the best sweetie as you start a new journey in life ahead !!

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