Wednesday Eats - 21Jan

Today's TIU workout plan read - HUMP DAY Triple BOOTY BURN!!


I ran out of dates this week and after having half a banana, started with TIU Love Your Booty workout. 


After doing 2 rounds of this, i switched next to the MaliBooty workout.  OMG my booty was on fire at the end !!

Love this mug

Once back, it was my favorite coffee time. I love my morning coffee !! I love going through other blogs and inspirational posts while having my coffee. 


For breakfast i had vegetable omelette. I used onions, tomato, spinach, mushroom and loved seeing the colorful omelette. Then I prepared lunch to take for work.


Around mid morning, i have my cup of hot green tea at work.

For lunch I had french beans lentil vegetables along with rice

Yummy Sprouts

For snacks, i have my favorite sprouted Green Gram. These are easy to make and crunchy. Most importantly they are healthy and keep you filled till dinner.


For Dinner we had Roti and Carrot Peas Vegetable. These days during winter, we get lot of peas from the farmer's market. So love to mix that with my vegetables. 

As always, thanks Jenn for hosting!


  1. Looks like you had some yummy food! I've been doing the TUI workouts for Love Your Body and I'm obsessed!! Keep up the good work :)

    1. I am starting to love their workouts.Thank you so much for stopping by !!