Healthy child for a happy home !!

Last week we had a project outing at a resort that involved a overnight stay away from the family. My usually bubbly colleague was unusually dull and was sitting alone at the dinner table. I thought it was staying away from the family and kid for a night that concerned her. 

So over the dinner table, I started a conversation with her to make her feel better. And our conversation went something like this -

Me: Hey Ajanta, Can I join you?
Ajanta: Of course!! Please pull the chair!
Me (pulling the chair to the front and placing my food plate on the table): What happened Ajanta? I've never seen you this dull!! Are you missing your kid already?
Ajanta: Yeaaah. She fell sick again while I was about to leave and I was almost about to cancel the outing. But my husband and in-laws said they will manage, so I could go. Though I am here, I am just not able to concentrate on anything right now!
Me: Oh, what happened to her?
Ajanta: She is falling sick very regularly. Every now and then she catches cold and the cough doesn't leave her at least for a week or two.
Me: Did you speak to your husband in the evening? How is she doing now?
Ajanta: Yeah! I spoke to him just a while ago. Looks like he took her to the doctor in the morning and the doctor has prescribed some medicines again. They gave her dinner and medicines sometime ago and put her to sleep. But looks like she is coughing continuously and everyone is dull at home.
Me: Oh god, it must be very hard on her!
Ajanta: Yeah. Sadly this has become a regular thing now. She goes through all this suffering to get well after a week or two, only to fall sick again!! I don't know what is going wrong. We make sure to keep our house clean and give her good nutritious food too. Still something is going wrong all the time. We are always worried about her and this is totally taking the happiness out of our family!
Me: Oh that is not good at all. She is a growing child with so many things to do. Her frequent sickness will not let her be as effective as others.
Ajanta: Yeah, that's our major worry. Since she is frequently falling sick, she is very lean and always low in energy. She is not able to play as much as other kids in our neighborhood.

Me: Hmmm. From what you say, I think she has very low immunity power. Her body is just not able to fight the infection causing bacteria in the environment and so falling prey to it repeatedly. Does other kids in your neighborhood also fall sick often?
Ajanta: Yeah they do fall sick but not as frequent as her. They get well very soon.
Me: Ok. Everyone's body is different. Based on their immunity power, their body could effectively fight the diseases to get rid of them soon. I think due to her low immunity strength, her body is not able to fight the diseases. When any of her friends fall sick, she immediately gets exposed to the bacteria and becomes a prey immediately! Also without body's natural efficiency to fight against diseases, medicines wont work effectively on her.
Ajanta: Really? But we do give her clean nutritious food. Isn't that sufficient enough to boost her immunity level?
Me: Even though you give her nutritious food, may be it is not sufficient enough to boost her immunity levels. During my childhood days, even I used to be a victim of low immunity and used to catch cold frequently. Then a close friend of our family suggested an ayurvedic product known as "Dabur Chyawanprash". It is a paste like product that can be consumed a spoonful along with regular meals. It has different ayurvedic herbs, each with special capabilities like rejuvenation, improving strength and acting as antioxidant. And since this is an ayurvedic product, there is absolutely no side effect. I remember taking this during my entire childhood days and slowly saw my immunity levels getting better and better. In fact after a while I stopped falling sick frequently and developed good immunity towards common cold.
Ajanta: Wow, surprising I've not heard of it!
Me: Yeah. People just go with medications whenever their child falls sick. Not many are aware of Ayurvedic products! Imagine our ancestors did not have access to English medicines at all but still they managed to lead a healthy life. Thanks to their knowledge of ayurvedic herbs and consuming it on regular basis. Now, we don't have access to these herbs or the recipe to use them in our day to day life. So it makes perfect sense to take a supplement that can fill in this gap.
Ajanta: Wow! that makes sense. I am definitely going to try this product.
(Immediately picks her smartphone and searches online) Can you tell me the name again? Dabur ... what?
Me: Dabur Chyawanprash!


Ajanta (Searches for the name on the internet and lands here ) : Awesome! You are right. Look at this, it is a blend of many ayurvedic herbs. It is mentioned it improves the immunity by three times! Looks like this is that "special something" that we are missing!!
Me (pointing to the herbs): Yep. Look at this - 'Bala' promotes the strength, 'Draksha' nourishes the body, 'Haritaki' is a rejuvenator and 'Ashwagandha' for anti-stress, antioxidant and immunomodulator properties. Can you imagine providing this all through your regular food?
Ajanta: Great, now I get it! With so many herbs in it, it is definitely promising to improve the immunity levels. I will be the most happiest person in the world, if this can help my child get better with her immunity levels.
Me: Oh yes. Try giving her a spoon of Chyawanprash regularly in the morning after her food. Slowly you will see the change! With her growing up now, she should be in a position to fight these common infections so that she can grow smart and healthy!
Ajanta. I just can't agree more!! Her health is always in the back of our mind. Thank you so much for letting me know about this product. As soon as we get back tomorrow, I am directly going to the store to buy it and start with her dose straight away!
Me: Cool!
Ajanta (much relaxed now): Great, now with this new hope, I feel much relieved now.

Not just my colleague Ajanta. Even if your kid is a frequent victim to common infections like cold and cough, it just shows their low immunity levels. Just try "Dabur Chyawanprash" and gift them their magic key to good health and immunity! For more information on the product, you can visit here -

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