No Pimples, No Marks !!

"I am getting married on the 30th. You are coming for it. I am so excited to meet you after a long time", my friend Archana called me on the day of Sankranti to say this. "Congrats.I am so happy for you. Its been long meeting you", I asked back. "Yeah. Few of our friends will be coming too. I will mail you the invite. I am looking forward to meet you all", she said. Archana was my good friend since college. After engineering, she moved to Singapore for work and we have haven't met since 5 years. Now her wedding being fixed, it was a good opportunity to meet her and also our friends.

I was all excited to go to her wedding. I wanted to look my best that day since we were meeting all my friends there after many years. I started my preparation from that day itself. With just 2 weeks more for her wedding, we friends excitedly started discussing on who is coming and what to gift her for wedding. I decided my saree and accessories to wear for her wedding. The coming Sunday I got an appointment booked at a parlor for facial to pamper myself and look the best. 

On Monday morning, i woke up with a huge shock. I had gotten several pimples on my face. Argghhh.. No way !! I felt horrible looking at those pimples. The facial had not suited my skin and caused the pimples. But not at this time when i wanted to go and meet my friends at the wedding. I felt really unhappy at work and spoke to my colleague. She advised me "The first step you must take is to wash your face twice a day with a good cleanser having anti-bacterial properties. Pimples leave ugly marks and it is equally important to treat pimple marks as well. Why don't you try Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash? The Neem leaf extract along with Tea Tree Oil found in the Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash helps in removing pimples and their marks"

I could not believe how a face-wash could cure pimples but still I started using the product. To my surprise, the pimples diminished day by day. By Friday, i noticed that not only the pimples but also the marks had vanished. That is just 4 days of using this face-wash. I loved that it had natural ingredients like neem and tea tree oil extracts which are known in Ayurveda for controlling pimples. So i started adding it to my daily skin care routine and observed that it helped purify skin by combating 3 factors – pollution, germs and oil. It was convenient,time-saving and suited for all skin types. It made my skin feel clean, fresh and healthy. This itself increased my overall self confidence and i felt happy.


Finally the day of her wedding came.When i met my friends, we were all excited to meet each other and had a great time. During one of our talks, some of them also asked me about my healthy skin and i recommended them to use GARNIER PURE ACTIVE NEEM. 

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