Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao

A woman is always told to first think about others first before thinking about herself. In those days when my mother wanted to study my grandparents had not agreed for that. But my mother had great dreams to study and be independent. But society has its own rules and norms and people are forced to follow that. At a tender age of 19 when most women are still to complete their graduation and work, my mother was forced to get married and stop studies. She had tried to explain her dreams then but no one seemed to understand them.  

Still she fought her dreams with my dad and with great difficulty she graduated by distance education and started working. Going by how she had struggled for her dreams, she had decided from the day we were born that she would make us study well and conquer all her pending dreams. She would commute by public transport for about 2 hours for her work and yet be available for us whenever we needed her. Bringing up me and my sister was never easy. Yet she handled it calmly. She would always encourage us to dream big and keep chasing our dreams. 

Even though I did not have any brother, my sister and I were never restricted anything due to our gender. My mother helped us both become independent women. She had instilled in us the qualities for us to be fearless and become strong. From a very young age, she had made sure that we were surrounded by positive thoughts, beliefs and ideas and that helped in making us have a positive attitude. She helped us become confident, courageous and strong girls. 

Investment was something that she had taken very seriously and taught the same to us. From a very young age, we got the habit of reading books and investing knowledge from her. She is a very ardent reader and is up do date with current affairs. She keeps telling us to never stop learning as that is one of the cheapest and best investment we can do. Financially as well, she taught to save a small amount from our pocket money and spend the rest on what we wanted. If that was not less, we were taught cooking and other home chores. She made us truly independent from all aspects.

She is our best friend and a role model. I learnt to set goals in life from my mom. She taught us to set small goals in life and work hard to achieve them. She also made us take care of our health. When she was diagnosed having Diabetes, doctor asked her to go for walking. In our sedentary lifestyle we hardly find time to be active. But my mother would urge us to go for walk or run for at-least an hour everyday. It was because of her that i got interested in running and started getting serious about my runs. From going for small runs to running 10Km, she kept encouraging me and it is because of her that I am now a marathon runner. I am truly thankful to my mom for all the values and qualities that she has inculcated in  us to become strong women.

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