My story on a new life

After almost 25 years of being born and brought up in Mumbai, the day came when my family decided to move to Chennai. But i could not leave this city. It was the place where i created my identity, the place where i did all my schooling, graduation and now work. It seemed like a bad dream for me.

But the reality was my father had retired and we had to give up on the quarters which we were residing. Then the next move was getting our own house. Finding your own house in Mumbai is like another dream. We tried a few places but were not satisfied and the other places which we did like had shooting high prices. Also my parents did not like to move to a rental flat in Mumbai. So after much of a discussion, my dad gave me an idea of searching for houses in Chennai so that he and mom could move there so that they could stay closer to their relatives as well as have a house of their own. As per the plan i would continue to stay in Mumbai in a hostel and they move permanently to Chennai. I did not like this a lot but he somehow convinced me that it should be fine. 

So we started the house hunt in Chennai with the help of few of my cousins and were able to shortlist a few houses coming to my budget and liking. Within a few days, mom and dad finalized a house and we came to Chennai to make the payment and registration. In parallel,my hunt for a hostel started in Mumbai.

I felt totally shattered when coming to check hostels in the very place where I was born and brought up. I felt very unhappy and depressed. I did not have an address proof in my own city. That sounded totally ridiculous. The thought of moving into the hostel one day pained a lot and I silently hoped my parents would cancel their plan to move to Chennai and stay back here.

But they were stubborn in their choices and finally that day came as i bid them goodbye and moved my way to the hostel to start a new life with the other girls in the hostel. Maybe my parents were sad on leaving Mumbai, but they were more excited on moving to a house which they could call their own and meeting their relatives near by.

My grief only increased day by day as I became a very silent person and stopped interacting with others. I went to a state of depression wherein i would not attend any events, stopped meeting my friends, had limited talks with my roommates. This only increased and i lived a life of unhappy, sad and depressed life. 

While having breakfast one day,my roommate asked me my story and why i always remain silent and sad. When i told her the entire story, i could not stop myself from crying and feeling angry on myself. She asked me to relax and told me that i was feeling all this depressed because i was afraid of this change and felt rejected by the past. She asked to let go of the past and start afresh. She urged me to take it as a challenge to get a goal of getting my own house in Mumbai which will make me happy again.She asked me to think positive and work hard to take small actions daily which will help me closer to this goal. For getting a house of my own, i needed to increase my savings. For that i had to work hard at office or probably switch jobs for a higher pay so that i could save a portion of my income towards my goal. Her talks seemed like a ray of hope to me.

From that day, i started a new life. I turned out a different person. I had something to look forward to each day. I would get excited to work and have goals to achieve which would help me closer to my dream. I started to think positive and had the belief that one day it will come true. As on today my dream to get my own house in Mumbai is still work in progress. But i have turned out a different person from what i was and thank my roommate for guiding me to start a new life on my own.

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