Dry baby, happy baby

"Amma", I heard the panicky voice of my maid as she called me in the middle of a busy Monday morning at work. "Yes Shanti", I replied back. "Baby is crying a lot today and not eating her food", she said. "Show her favorite Barbie doll and she should be fine. If not try to play some rhymes. Since she got used to us being at home on the weekend she is missing us now. Once you make her happy with her toys she should be fine", I consoled her back suggesting ways to divert my baby and make her happy. "Ok amma. I will try and give you a call back", she said and hung up.

This may have been less than a 10 minute call. But the moment she hung the line, my mind started wandering on ways I could find to make my baby happy. Mondays are the most tragic days for me. First of all I have busy work day on Monday. To add to it, since our baby gets to play with me and hubby on weekends she starts missing us on Mondays and troubles the maid. In today's world, leaving your baby in the hands of a maid requires a huge amount of trust and patience. I mean we have to trust them completely and deal with their issues patiently. 

As I tried to get my focus back to work, I got her call again. "Amma", I heard the happiness in her voice now. I felt relieved. "I made a story with the Barbie doll and she enjoyed it and had the food. Now she is playing with that doll.", she said. "That is great. Now that she is diverted she should not trouble you again. Try to show her new rhymes or the songs on music player if she troubles for food again",I said and hung the call. Relieved with the status at home, i jumped back to my work. This is just a small snapshot of my Monday.

Looking at my baby Anju, it really makes me hard to believe the things which make her happy. When I or my hubby talk on our smartphones she has to throw whatever is in her hand and come running to us to snatch the phone. When hubby plays games in tablet, she gets interested by all the sounds and comes running to snatch it. Even if you hold her back, all her attention are on the electronics which we have. That is the best time to force the food or all the things which she hates as she is diverted to the electronics. 

Now this was not the case always. Her list of favorites keep changing frequently. The very first doll which caught her attention was a clumsy looking Barbie doll which one of my aunt gifted her. I have no idea what is so interesting about that doll. But whenever she gets to see that doll or play with that doll she stops troubling us and becomes happy. Another thing which catches her attention is the jukebox of songs which my husband plays on music player. All the peppy songs like "Lungi Dance" from the recent Bollywood movie Chennai express catches her attention and she starts playing and dancing while hearing such songs. 

Well this is not all. If you give her all of these when she is hungry, she will just throw back that same Barbie doll. Anju just goes crazy when she is hungry. So it is very important that we give her food on time and keep her tummy full. 

Another important thing is regularly changing her diaper. Just as messy it gets having a wet diaper, she begins to get cranky too. These days she has started giving all sort of indications that her diaper is wet and needs to be replaced. Thank God for Pampers Baby Dry Pants. It really helps in winters when we have to frequently change her diaper due to cold weather. As this keeps her dry both inside and outside, it keeps her happy and in good mood. Having a list of her favorite things like these is safe for us as it is easier to keep her happy when she starts troubling us. 

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