Never lose hope

After years of staying in rental flats, I had always wanted to buy a house and call it my home. After all home is where your heart is. Though this thought was always in the back of my mind I did not know where to go or how to proceed since it involves huge money.

As long as I was a student, I would just dismiss this a dream and term it a wish. It was just a dream without any plan. I had always wanted to do further studies in the USA. Most of my friends had applied for student loan. Some of them had taken loans with their parents pledging loan against their property. I could not do both. After my graduation i was offered a job as part of campus placements. Due to family pressure, I again had to give my dream a skip and take up the job.

Due to all this, my urge to get a house grew very strong. Within a year of working, I started looking to get my own house. But funds were not sufficient and I had to save some money for down-payment. I was shattered and sad that i had to wait for some more time to fulfill this dream. In between this, I got an opportunity to go onsite from my company. I worked there for 2 years. When i came back again, I continued my house search. This time i was able to see some houses within my budget.

I was glad that atleast there was some hope to fulfill my dream of getting my own house. I could see some hope for the future. Several of my friends thought i was silly to have my own house at this age. Several of them even warned of legal issues that could happen if i had a house in my name before wedding. Still, I frantically continued the search along with my dad and we were able shortlist some houses which we liked and came inside our budget. We had to do several negotiations with the builders to get a favorable price. Within a week, we made the final choice and got the final quote from the builder. Satisfied with the house and payment, we gave him an initial token advance and a month later gave the remaining 20% of the down-payment. Finally we got the agreement done and had to go for getting home loan from the bank.

Then as per the process, we applied housing loan for the remaining 80% cost of the flat. After several visits to various banks to get a feasible interest, we narrowed down one and applied for our loan. Within 2 weeks, the bank approved my loan and the EMI would begin from next month. I was relived and glad there was no obstacle in this process. From the next month my pre-EMI started and we got some customization and wood work within the flat before we could officially move in.

Finally the much awaited day came. It was the day of the registration when we had to sign several documents at the registrar office. After all processes done, the house was finally registered in my name. That was such an emotional moment for me. I started crying as i could not believe that i had become proud owner of a house.To my surprise my parents were also crying with happiness that i was able to purchase a house at a young age of 23.

We kept a Grahapravesham function at my new house and called in all relatives and friends. It was a day of celebration for me. After all it was my first house. I was excited to see all optimism around. My cousins were appreciating me for buying a house which was an investment. Kids were playing around my house. I could sense some laughter in my parents voice as they happily praised me in front of all relatives. That marked the end of our stay in rental houses. My parents and I moved in to stay in my house.

Till today they still stay in my home. I am happily married and stay in another city. Unlike the warning which some of my friends gave, i did not face any problem from my husband or in-laws when i told them about me having my own house and my parents were staying there. In-fact they also appreciated me about it.

All these happened because i never lost hope of getting my own house. I had that fire in me to keep chasing my dream and make it happen. I am so glad it finally happened and that has been the best gift that i could give myself and my parents !

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