Upgrading Car with Quikr NXT

"You will get your car on Tuesday", the servicing folks informed me the other day when i had given my car for servicing. "But why Tuesday. I need it on weekend", I asked them back. "It is quite an old car and there are too many fixes to be done. So it will  take time", the servicing guy replied. I had no option but to leave it in their hands to get it up and working good. 

This Maruti Alto was my first car that dad had gifted me when i graduated. Back then it was something that i used for all my commute. Travelling in local trains and buses had stopped since i had got my car. I would go long drive with my friends in my car and what not. But now after 6 years, this same car was having some  challenges. I had to give it servicing every 3 months and now after marriage and having kids it seemed a small car too.  If my in laws or parents came to visit us, we could no way fit everyone in this car and go outside anywhere. There has been several instances when my husband has asked me to sell this off to a bigger car that would be helpful for everyone. 

Looks like finally that day was coming near. The other day when i was talking to my friend about this, she recommended me to check out Quikr NXT app for selling this car and getting a new one. I had not heard that Quikr had launched an app as well and was curious to try that. The same day i downloaded the Quikr NXT app and was exploring its features. I was surprised that they had a chat feature where we could interact with several buyers or sellers at the same time. This was awesome as it will not only hide your contact details but also you could check the chat history for the price quoted or the photos shared. 

Firstly i started with placing an ad for selling my car by sharing the photos and the details. After that I started checking the ads of those selling cars so that i could upgrade to a new car. I found details of a Ford Fiesta car that felt suitable for my needs. I immediately requested the seller to share more details of the car. In the meanwhile i got a person who showed interest in buying my car and wanted some photos. I really liked that buyers and sellers could talk with each other at their suitable time and ask more details about the product without requiring a single phone call.  

Later in the day, i gave the requested photos of my car to the interested buyer and also got more details of the Ford Fiesta car from the seller. I shared the details with my husband and he was totally fine in getting a used car provided it was in good condition. He was glad by the Ford Fiesta car and asked if we could drop a visit to personally see the car before making a final deal. I asked the same to the seller and got a similar idea for my Maruti Alto. I asked the prospective buyer that he could drop a visit to personally see the car if he was interested before purchasing. I got positive response from both sides. 

The next day itself husband and I went to check the Ford Fiesta car and liked it. We finalized the car deal with the buyer. Towards evening, the prospective buyer of my Maruti Alto dropped in to check my car and was happy to purchase it for his son. Although i was sad on letting go of my Maruti Alto, i was excited on getting the Ford Fiesta. I am thankful to Quikr NXT for their amazing features which helped us upgrade to a bigger car easily.

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