A Manifesto !!

Have you ever written a manifesto? A manifesto is a declaration of your intentions and beliefs. It reflects what you stand for and your core values. When i came across today's theme, i found it quite interesting. 


This is totally different for someone who was in a totally different frame of mind 2 years back. What was the difference now. Back then i used to take care of everyone except me. I would take myself for granted. I would not make time for myself. I never set goals both personally and professionally and passed each day as it came. Where did this lead to? No where ! That is the truth. I was just dragging on with no direction.


All this until that day came when i set my mind to start walking for my health. Little by little those tiny steps added up in so many areas. Initially i would walk for a specific time frame as i had to get back to doing household chores. Then it slowly gradually improved to counting my steps and walking to a specific count each day. These were nothing but tiny goals that i had set and was on my way to achieve them. They may look small but the compounded effect of that impacted a lot of areas.

I started keeping tiny goals in my life. I started to get more clarity and focus on my days. Overall my life has improved so much for the good.

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  1. Change is good and yay to taking care of ourselves. #fitfamlove