Weekly Workout Recap and Menu Planning - 1 Feb

Happy Sunday ! This weekend we had plans to go for a date night to a movie but sadly that did not happen and we had to move it to next weekend. We ended up going for a long walk together. 

Can you believe that we are already into February! Whew !! January simply flew off. New month means we need to set new goals and reflect on previous month and learn from them.  I am still going strong with the Tone It Up Love Your Body series. With just about 2 more weeks to go, i am super thrilled to have consistently followed the challenge.

Weekly Workout Recap :

Monday (1/26) - INSANE CARDIO followed by Love Your Legs & BOOTY!
Tuesday (1/27) - 5 Km Walk, Tightened and toned arms, 3 moves for a sexy upper-back 
Wednesday (1/28) - KettleToning, Love your body Yoga
Thursday (1/29) - 5 Km Walk, Arms and Abs workout
Friday (1/30) - Tone It Up in 30 routine
Saturday (1/31) - 8 Km Walk
Sunday (2/1) - 5 Km Run

Weekly Menu Planning :

Breakfast :
Vegetable Omelette
Finger millet Pancake
Peanut Butter Toast

Spinach Lentil Vegetable Rice
Lemon Rice
Capsicum Rice
Red bean lentil vegetable rice

Sprouted Green Gram
Fruit Salad
Vegetables and Hummus

Carrot and Roti
Eggplant and Roti
Cabbage and Roti

Linking up to Jill Conyers for weekly recap and menu planning !!

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