Sunday Walkday 5K !!

This weekend has been pretty exciting. On Saturday we had our weekly date night and went to an awesome place here which served yummy tofu chilly and we enjoyed it with drinks.On Sunday, my parents came over to my place for a week and i plan to relax, refresh and enjoy time with them. 


I really wanted to take it easy this weekend. I was feeling sick and tired and my body was pleading me for a rest. I hate to miss my workouts because it makes me feel guilty later. I love my workout time and look forward to it everyday. So i replaced my Sunday runday with a 5 Km walk. 

On Sunday i had a 5 Km walk on my schedule, I decided to sleep in a bit and walk in the evening. The temperature was in early 20's here. My parents came here today. So i got to spend the morning with them and also take the much needed rest. After a light lunch followed by snacks, i was all set to get my 5 Km done for that day. Best unexpected part of it was when hubby told he wanted to join me for the walk. So i was really excited and got started.

We planned to walk around our apartment. There are series of apartments beside mine and a whole loop of the circuit would be about 2 Km.  So we started walking through the entire loop reflecting about last week and goals for the current week. Hubby being the tall guy had to walk slowly to match my steps :)

Within no time we completed one loop of 2 Km and started all over again. I discussed my goals with hubby and he gave his suggestions. We were so engrossed in talking that another 2 Km went by. Now we just had to take a turn and head back home and we completed my 5 Km walk in 45 minutes !!!

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  1. That's such a great idea; funny how the time just flies when you have a good partner with you, right? Way to get your goals into the conversation and think about what you'd like to accomplish next; can't wait to follow along in your journey! Thanks so much for linking up with the blog again this week!