Weekly Workout Recap and Menu Planning - 8 Feb

Happy Sunday ! This weekend has been pretty exciting. On Saturday we had our weekly date night and went to an awesome place here which served yummy tofu chilly and we enjoyed it with drinks. I love that i get to eat right most days of the week and then get on those cheat meals on my weekly date night which balances it out. On Sunday, my parents came over to my place for a week and i plan to relax, refresh and enjoy time with them. 

Last week my body was really giving me all signs to slow down with my workout. So i replaced my sunday runday with a 5Km walk. I hate to miss my workouts because it makes me feel guilty later. I love my workout time and look forward to it everyday. It feels so strange being addicted to working out daily which is something i would dread doing some years back.  I am still going strong with the Tone It Up Love Your Body series. With Valentine day around this week, i am super thrilled to have consistently followed the challenge.

Weekly Workout Recap :

Monday (2/2) - Love your body with HIIT, Bikini abs routine
Tuesday (2/3) - Cupids Cardio, Bikini Yoga
Wednesday (2/4) - 5 Km Walk, Love your booty routine
Thursday (2/5) - 8 Km Walk, Love your Arms and Abs workout
Friday (2/6) - Jump your heart out workout, Love your total body routine
Saturday (2/7) - 5 Km Walk
Sunday (2/8) - 5 Km Walk

Weekly Menu Planning :

Breakfast :
Vegetable Omelette
Peanut Butter Toast

Spinach Lentil Vegetable Rice
Lemon Rice
Capsicum Rice
Mint Rice

Sprouted Green Gram
Fruit Salad
Vegetables and Hummus

Broad beans lentils vegetable and Roti
Okra and Roti
Cauliflower and Roti

Linking up to Jill Conyers for weekly recap and menu planning !!

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