Wednesday Eats - 14Jan

Today's TIU workout plan read - MORNING BOOTY CALL ~ RUN IT OUT, GORGEOUS!


After having a handful of dates, i went out to get my quick 5Km in the morning. I then cooled down by following the Love your body Yoga

Love this mug

Once back, it was my favorite coffee time. I love my morning coffee !! I love going through other blogs and inspirational posts while having my coffee. 


Then i had my favorite Peanut Butter Toast. I just love peanut butter and can keep going on and on with it. It is very tempting for me to have a lot of it so i restrict myself to one spoon. Then I prepared lunch to take for work.

Cup of hot green tea

Around mid morning, i have my cup of hot green tea at work.


Today's lunch was capsicum vegetable along with Rice

Yummy Sprouts

For snacks, i have my favorite sprouted Green Gram. These are easy to make and crunchy. Most importantly they are healthy and keep you filled till dinner.

Roti and Tofu vegetable gravy
For Dinner we had Roti and Tofu Vegetable gravy. We just love tofu. It is extremely good source of proteins and we prefer to have it at-least twice in a week.

As always, thanks Jenn for hosting!


  1. That roti & tofu vegetable gravy looks super good! :] I haven't made anything with tofu in a while--I need to go buy some! <3

    1. Tofu is my all time favorite :) Thanks for stopping by !!