Alankrita 10K Run !!

At the beginning of the week I wasn't sure I would even be able to jog the 10Km planned for today . Saturday had been super hectic at home with chores. Since this was my first run-walk in 2015, I decided to go ahead with atleast 5KM if not entire 10Km.

Geared up for the run !!

The route to Alankrita resorts was the coldest ever. The temperature was around 20's and although we were all clad in layers, the cool morning breeze won over us. We met the rest of the HR members. I should say there were lot of them along with their family members and kids !!

The run started out great! Initially we all started to run together which then gave way to following the runner ahead of you to find the way through the woods :) I had not expected to start 2015 by getting to experience this with HR and other runners along. What better way to start the first long run than a run in the green surroundings and roads lined with swaying eucalyptus plantations.

Last stretch

We had made it 5Km....we only had another 5Km to go. Earlier i had planned to run only for 5KM. But the run felt so good that i decided to go ahead till the end. The rest of the run was good. I felt very good despite the weather conditions. But when we reached around 8KM my legs got really tight. My calf started screaming and I was getting out of breathe. It made the last 2 KM tough...but I did it! 10Km completed in 1hr 10 minutes !!!

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