Five Friday Favorites - 9Jan

I hope you all have had a fabulous week so far and have plans for great weekend! I and hubby will be going to a party at Chilies this Saturday. I’m looking forward to taste good Mexican food with some of my favorite people.

Let me get into my 5 favorite things this week! 

1) Quote :


I came across this inspiring quote and and since then this has become my favorite quote. No more excuses or fear getting in the way. If u want it go after it with all you have got!!!

2) Workout: 


After a long time, i have followed a workout challenge and stuck to the schedule.  I am liking the -The Love your body series of Tone it Up- and feel proud of myself to have consistently followed it. I really hope to stick till the end of the challenge and get toned :)

3) Food : 


On weekend as we were doing our weekly grocery shopping, i came across this awesome American Garden U.S. Creamy Peanut Butter. I was actually looking out for my regular one which was crunchy flavour but it was not available. I have never tasted this brand. So we got it anyways and tried it this morning. It turned out to be really yummy.

4) Movie : 

On Sunday, hubby and I happened to watch the movie - 500 days of Summer. We had not watched this movie earlier. It turned out to be an offbeat romantic comedy movie and we loved watching the movie together.

5) Best Moment : 

Yesterday I had to deliver my project 4 from Competent Communicator Manual in my Toastmasters club. I was really nervous about this as it has you speaking in front of 30+ folks. Although I always prepare for my speech, the thought of speaking in front of a huge audience always freaks me out. So this time too i prepared well for my speech and gave my best. Guess what - I won the Best Speaker award !!! I was so happy. This was so unexpected and definitely a good kick-start for the year !!

Happy Friday!

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  1. I've read so many great things about the different TIU series!

    Thanks for linking up with Fitness Friday. Have a wonderful weekend :)

  2. thanks for linking up - and congrats on your best speaker award!

    1. Thank you so much :) Thanks for the awesome linkup theme !!