Weekly Workout Recap and Menu Planning - 18Jan

Happy Sunday ! This weekend has been super hectic in a fun way. Saturday we were out for the movie - "I"-  with friends. It was after a long time that we had been to a theater to watch movie. It turned out to be a good one. With PC's awesome cinematography and lighting complemented by picture perfect locations, Great acting by Chiyaan, Perfect BGM by Rahman, Mind-blowing makeup and graphics, and most importantly great direction by Shankar, even a normal screenplay just looked awesome! "I" is definitely worth the watch!

Next day, we had guests at my place. So entire Sunday went in cleaning the house and prep for them. Rest of the day went in grocery shopping for the week.

Even though a fun weekend, I did my workouts in the morning. I am happy to have stuck with the TIU workouts so far. I have followed all the workouts and trying my best to finish the challenge strong !!

Weekly Workout Recap :


Monday (1/12) - 5 Km Walk, Love Your Abs x2, 3 moves to Toned Abs
Tuesday (1/13) - 8 Km Walk, LOVE Your Legs & BOOTY
Wednesday (1/14) - 5 Km run, Love Your Body with Yoga
Thursday (1/15) - 3 moves to Toned Abs, Love Your Booty routine
Friday (1/16) - 20 Min Jump rope routine, ABS & ARMS Toning workout
Saturday (1/17) - Wild Child Cardio x4
Sunday (1/18) - 5 Km Run

Weekly Menu Planning :


Breakfast :
Vegetable Omelette
Sprouts Pancake
Peanut Butter Toast

Mint Rice
French beans Lentils vegetable and Rice
Capsicum Rice

Sprouted Green Gram
Fruit Salad
Vegetables and Hummus

Carrot and Roti
Eggplant and Roti
Cauliflower and Roti

Linking up to Jill Conyers for weekly recap and menu planning !!

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