The Day He Lied To Me !!

After moving from Mumbai, Anirudh was my first friend in the engineering college. Infact we came to know each other because he was challenged by a friend to rag me. Since then we had become the best of friends. There was something in him that drew people. He had an amazing personality, good looks, was tall and most importantly was the hunk-in-demand in our college. He was the captain of our college cricket team. He would always be there on grounds playing cricket and hardly attended college lectures. But something had changed from the last 8 months, his school friend Vaishali would keep saying. That was the time i had joined the college. These days he kept coming to classes more. He was with hanging more with our group and more specifically with me. Maybe we get along well. 

"Do you have a boyfriend", he suddenly asked me this question the other day when we were in a coffee shop. "Why do you ask that?", i asked confused as to why this suddenly came up. "Just like that", he said. "No. I do not have any boyfriend and i cannot have any boyfriend. I have my dreams that i need to chase and have no time for love and boyfriends", i said firmly. "Okay. From tomorrow i can pick you up on my way from cricket coaching", he told me. "You come all the way from Secunderabad to Hyderabad just for cricket coaching!!",I asked with a shocked face. "Yeah!! But you don't worry. I will be there tomorrow", he said. This had become a routine for over a month. Since we used to commute together for a month we got closer and i had started to like him.


"These days i see you and Anirudh coming together. What is going on girl.", Vaishali asked me with a teasing tone the other day when i met her the other day. "Oh come on. He comes to some cricket coaching near my place.So he just picks me up. That's it", i replied innocently. "Cricket coaching !! What the hell is that now. From when did he start playing cricket again?", she asked me back."What do you mean by that", i asked back. "Well since some last six months he has never played cricket. So it is surprising to me when you said that. Where does he go for coaching there", she asked again in disbelief. "I have no idea about cricket," i replied to her and moved from her. But the conversation kept ringing in my head. I decided to ask Anirudh the next day about this.

"Well. Its actually true. I am not going for any cricket coaching. I just come here to meet you, to get a chance to enjoy time with you", he replied when i asked him. "But you lied to me. I thought you were coming here for cricket", i screamed back hurt. "I did not mean to lie to you. I love you a lot. But since you were not interested in love i thought of trying to spend more time with you hoping probably you may love me one day," he said. "But that is a big lie. You could have told me directly. Instead you told me a big lie. I trusted you so much. I do not want to be friends with you anymore", i replied totally disappointed. 

After that day, we both hardly spoke to each other. As per him it was just a small lie which was done with a different intention. But according to me that was the foundation of my friendship and if that started with a lie then how could i trust that guy. If he had loved me, he should have had the courage to tell me. Thus by Anirudh saying a lie that day, i lost my best friend. 
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  1. Nice one... a different take on "Lie"- from the other posts.