Sunday Runday 8K !!

This weekend was fun. We had holiday on Monday for Republic day which made it a long weekend. On Sunday I had Officers Training Program in our Toastmaster's club at work. So the entire day went there. I managed to squeeze in a 8Km run in the morning. 

I had my playlist updated, running clothes ready on Saturday itself. So it made me easier to just get ready and get into my running skirts. These days i am totally obsessed on having a pumping playlist ready for my run. On Sunday the temperature was 24. It seemed to have increased over the weekend and quite warm. I had to be back to get soon to get ready and leave for Toastmasters meeting.  So i just wanted to get done with my run and be back. I quickly changed from my PJ's, put on my head-phones and went out. 


I planned to run inside the botanical garden today. The idea of running through the serene greenery with birds around along with fellow runners made me pumped up. The run started out smooth! I had completed 2 of my projects on Saturday which i had kept procrastinating since many days. So i was feeling very satisfied and accomplished all through. This confidence showed up in my run too and i was able to keep going on a comfortable pace. Initially it was warm outside but as I started to run, it started getting hot. The music and the warmth gave me a good kick-start.

I crossed half way at 4 Km and made my way back again. I just love my playlist as it keeps me pumped and sets a good mood for the run. I felt very good despite the weather conditions. Finally i completed my 8Km run in 55 minutes !!!

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  1. Wow! Sounds like a busy weekend, congrats on your 8km run! I am the same - I need a good soundtrack to get me moving!

    Found you via Life of Meg!

    Emma @ :)

  2. What a great run! I love a good playlist, too; I had a race yesterday and it definitely helped me out. Thanks so much for linking up with the blog again today; hope your week is off to a great start!

    1. A good playlist definitely saves my run. Thank you for the linkup !!