Five Friday Favorites - 30Jan

Whoa..i cannot believe that January is already coming to an so soon !!. As always this week too just flew off very quick. This weekend it is going to be low-key for me. On Saturday, we are just going to reflect how the month went and in the evening go for our weekly date. Sunday is going to be another rest to relax and refresh for the week ahead !

Let me get into my 5 favorite things this week! 
1) Quote :
This quote is ideal for me this week. As i was involved in multiple things at work, i got distracted from my goals. So i need to focus on my goals and set proper priorities to them

2) Workout :

I am still following the TIU workout challenge and stick to their weekly schedule.  I am loving the changes that i can see in my body. My energy levels are already zooming up. Really excited about it and feeling proud of myself to have consistently followed it.

3) Food :

This week, i really stuck to eating fruits every single day as planned which is awesome for me.  I had ensured to add fresh fruits in our weekly shopping list. This made sure that we have the fruits over the week.

4) Movies :

This Monday, hubby and I watched the movie - A Walk To Remember. I totally fell in love with this movie.   It is an awesome love story which is so sweet, sincere and positive.

5) Moment :

Well what can i say. This has to be the best best moment I have been waiting for. Today i just got a call from Vice President that I have been promoted in my team. I felt incredibly happy to hear it. Though it has been due since long, it never happened. To think it just happened, i cannot express how thankful i am. Once the official letters are out, it is going to be awesome. But for now, action item is to set goals for my next advancement and work on them. Unlike last time, now i am going to document the goals and really really have to focus on them !!

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  1. Awesome congrats on the promotion!! :)

  2. Congrats on the promotion! A Walk to Remember is the kind of movie my daughter and I watch together. Pass the tissue please!

    1. is my favorite movie too :) Thank you so much for the wishes and the awesome linkup !!