Without Passion, life is nothing !!

"Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don't let anyone limit your dreams"

I have heard about this quote. But never seen anyone taking it so seriously like my Aunt. She always had a dream to be independent. Bringing up my 2 cousins along with a full time work as a teacher was not an easy task to cope. Yet she performed that task with full enthusiasm. 


She loved her work as a teacher. Needless to say, she was the most favorite teacher among her students. She always thought about needs of her students and children before her needs. She would work very hard with the students and also manage her home and kids.


As if this was less, this also had a passion for cooking. She was a fantastic cook. We remember her saying she wanted to be a cook and start her own catering business. But she was not allowed to do so by her parents. So undertook catering orders from people on weekends and after school hours and would cook for them. She did this with so much passion that even though it was after a tiring day at school, she did not show the pain. Even after a busy day, she would have so much energy to play with her kids, to run around, chase them and most importantly the patience to do it.

One thing i learnt from her is what it takes to be passionate and follow your dreams. It was not easy for her at her times to be a Wife + Mom + teacher + Cooking business. She was just unstoppable. I mean look at the multitude of roles she plays. But she fought for her dreams and worked hard to achieve them. 

We are really proud to have an aunt like her. Her basic motto was to just dream big and chase them with all your heart.  #UseYourAnd and keep compounding your dreams to achieve more and better things that you deserve !

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