The Great Indian Litterbug !!

The word prankster and Pankaj would always go together at my place. This was my cousin, a free spirited guy, who is ten years older to me. He loved to have fun, at times acted oversmart, play pranks and give a new meaning to what it takes to be brave ! 

When i was six years old, we kids along with our parents made our first visit to Charminar. As we were enjoying roaming around the monument, Pankaj was scratching names – of gang of friends with a nail found on the ground. We looked shocked at him and he proudly showed us his designs on the wall. 

Once done we went to get something to eat. He went and brought peanuts. As he was eating, he would throw the skin around, sometimes dropping a few peanuts here and there and spit around with all power. Finally after sometime, he ate the peanuts and threw the bag on the open ground , carelessly even though there was a dustbin close-by. After that he ate a banana and threw its peel around the place. He was not bothered of his behavior or the fact that he was littering the environment. Instead he would keep fighting with his parents and make them sad. 


He would always act as per his impulses. I have always seen him just the opposite of what was supposed to be done right. He would always stand separate as others around him were doing just the opposite. He got a sadistic pleasure in doing these which cultivated a negative mindset. He would even get an ego boost. 

We have seen him carelessly throwing papers, banana peals around. Most of the times Whenever anyone pointed his misbehavior, his parents supported their kid and thought he will change as he grows. Being their only son, his parents never objected his behavior which only added him to continue being that way. 

Even though he graduated in mass media, he could never get his mind right. I still think, he has not been able to reach a substantial level professionally at 30. Maybe the negative mindset never let go of him to think right in terms of his growth. 

Had his parents inculcated good habits in him, advised him of right and wrong, taught him for misbehaving in public and made him realize how such acts would put a negative impact on his personality, society and his personal growth; it would have been an entirely different life for Pankaj.

In our everyday life, we come across so many like Pankaj. We see people throwing garbage around openly instead of putting in a dustbin. Our heritage monuments which are a reflection of the identity of the people of our nation are damaged by pranksters. Our cultural heritage is a mirror of our national unity which is unique in several respects and needs to be preserved. People spit openly on the walls and litter around despite warnings boards around. 

After the Swatch Bharat campaign, it is time for India to come clean. It is now time to focus now on The Great Indian Litterbug (
It is our duty as a citizen of this country to be responsible and take care of public property. 

This post was written as part of IndiBogger Happy Hours campaign topic on The Great Indian Litterbug!

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