Balance your life !!

As life partner Husband and Wife should shoulder each other’s responsibilities. Equal partnership fosters closeness between husband and wife .There was a time where husband was primary wage-earner  in a family and wife was merely the Homemaker. They were brought up this way by their family right from the time they were small. 


As time passed, many hurdles came up in the way of earning such as increase in cost of living due to increase in population, Invention of machines replacing man power and many more. When things started appearing really difficult, the women in the house stepped up to share the load and started making a living by making money in their possible ways and thereby started becoming a secondary income earner.


Now although the women started sharing the family responsibilities by earning and contributing as a secondary income earner,she always continued the primary role of being the Homemaker. She performed tow roles and hence slowly the balance of life began to disturb. She worked for same time as Husband by being the secondary income earner and also she did chores of homemaker like cooking, cleaning and laundry work. As per a survey conducted, 85% of working Indian women feel they have two jobs, one at work and another at home.

Now while the women started contributing by being the secondary income earner, the role of the husband to contribute in household chores did not happen. Not only then but sadly this is the scenario even in today's times. 76% Men thing that laundry is women’s job and even if they help it seems as favour not responsibility. 


It is sad to see such inequalities still continue to exist. 2/3rd's of Indian women feel, there exists inequality at home, between men and women. 73% of married Indian women feel, a man prioritizes relaxing over helping with household chores. These are mainly due to issues in mindset and mostly related to their upbringing by society. 
1. While raising boys itself, they must be educated in doing household chores and not just on getting a job.
2.  Men feel it embarrassing and feel their male ego hurt by doing Women’s job like laundry, cooking. But if women can go ahead and generate income, men should also change their attitude and begin to contribute in household chores and not go by society.   
3.  Women should encourage men who try to help them in household work and not find any fault in their work.   They should take it as a blessing and it would be helpful in the long run if all men share load with their wives.

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