Quicker relocating with Quikr !!

"They want me to join their Bangalore branch by next Monday !!!", exclaimed my husband on his way back from work. His transfer was in the process and they had just told given him the date. That left us with just about a week to start the process of relocating to Bangalore.


One of our friends recommended us to try using Quikr. We had never used this for relocation but none the less decided to give it a try. 

Husband's workplace had provided us with accommodation there but i could see lot of real estate options available on Quikr. As the thoughts of leaving our home here started coming in, the worry about finding a good Packers and Movers offering cost-effective packers & movers, Transportation and relocation services had already  made its way. 


While there are many which will take care of your comfort level and make all possible efforts to proffer you with some of their best services, I would want to go to a one-stop place which not only gives me a listing of all the packers and movers available but also their contact details and services offered. As we were short on time, I was pleased to find all these options available on Quikr. It took us just about an hour to go through the listing and select one of the packers. With its Premium services, our worry to pack and move our belongings in the safest and the most convenient way had been sorted out. 


I would then want to check if i would get some help in unpacking my belongings there. As I was already browsing through Quikr, i went ahead to check if i could get some domestic help. There were 800+ options available for domestic help which shocked me completely. Anyways i got the contact info few of them and decided to call and speak to them so that i could make a selection.


As we had been using our current owner's fridge here, we needed to get a new Fridge in Bangalore as the accommodation did not have one. So again it was on Quikr where i got an excellent ad of Samsung double door Fridge for just Rs. 5000 !!! 
I then went ahead to check for some of the household  and Home Decor - Furnishings, that i can add on to my house in Bangalore. Again the list here was enormous and i thought to postpone this after i moved there.


Our workplace was about 15Km from this accommodation. And considering the traffic during peak hours, our friends suggested us to get an Activa for our commute. Although not on the top of my list, but i did scroll through Activa options and i got an offer for one.


Moving to a new location brings with it the feeling of excitement and loneliness. The feeling of not having any friends, losing out on your interests. That was when i caught the option of Events  where i could see the list of events around our area where i could go and meet new people. What !! I could also spot a marathon run event happening soon for which registrations were open. Means i could follow my interests and hobbies here too !!!

My curious mind also happened to notice Job openings  there. All this i was sitting in my house and checking through my tablet


With all this done in just 3 hours, i have the rest of the time to finalize and followup on the ad service. It really drives me speechless to see the amount of things i could just do with Quikr to make my relocation to Bangalore smooth and quick. It truly goes by its tagline - No fikar, bech Quikr!

This blog post is an assumption that if I were to relocate to Bangalore, how I would use bangalore.quikr.com to my advantage for settling quickly and comfortably! It is written for IndiBlogger HappyHours topic 'It's just Quikr in Bangalore!'.


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