Happy Anniversary Sir !!

             "Class, today we are going to run 10KM without stopping. Those who stop will be made to run an additional 500 metres" yelled our sports sir. He was so passionate about sports that he would go running on every weekend. We also got to hear that he also went to a local gym in the evening and led a very healthy lifestyle. 

             He was an introvert by nature who had very few friends. He would always be seen with a serious face. I think one can count the number of times he must have smiled or laughed in our class. 

             He led a very disciplined life. He had a fit body, very good height, dusky complexion and tip-top dressing. But one thing that he sported always was a mustache and stubble. This somehow did not go well with his appearance and he looked cruel with his stubble. 

            Naturally with his behavior and appearance he failed to impress his lady-love, our Maths teacher. It was rumored that he had proposed to her once and she had rejected him. She was beautiful, gentle and kind which was a total contrast to his behavior.  She was a very friendly person by nature and would engage in jovial conversations with us. During one such conversation, she too mentioned how much she hates men sporting mustache and stubble. This was probably the turning point of the entire story.

           The next day we were all shocked to see our sir. He had somehow overheard this conversation and took her words so seriously that he Gillette-shaved his mustache and stubble that he had since god knows. He looked much different now. But definitely had a pleasant appearance. When asked the reason for this change he simply smiled and told that someone had commented over his stubble which hurt him badly. So he wanted to try a new look. In the days that went, not only did he change his appearance but his behavior also changed. He made a lot of friends and became good friends with maths teacher. 

        The next year we got the news of their engagement. We were very happy to hear this. In our next class, he personally invited all of us to their wedding. All of us were excited for them and could not help but think what change can shaving off a stubble do. If he had not come across that conversation about our teacher hating men with stubble, he would have continued being as he was. He would have never led a joyful life and got his lady love.Today marks their tenth wedding anniversary and over the years we still remember his story. 

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