Eat healthy stay healthy !

The greatest wealth lies in our health. A healthy outside starts from the inside! That is right. A fit and healthy body is the product of 80% healthy food and 20% activity. Thus it is very important to follow a proper meal plan. Eating clean and healthy food offers numerous benefits that help you stay fit both mentally and physically.

Eating well helps in the prevention of so many diseases and health problems. It also helps to have a healthy body weight, and gives you more energy promoting a general feeling of well-being. A well balanced diet will require eating a variety of foods like whole grains, vegetables and fruits along with a smaller portions of dairy and meat products to meet the body's nutritional needs.Research shows a lot of benefits of honey and having a honey diet or replacing sugar with honey in your food can be a small step towards a healthy diet.

One of the most visible benefits of a balanced diet is energy. Fueling with the right portions of vitamins, minerals and nutrients will give you the energy to make the most of your day.

Some of the benefits of having a balanced healthy diet are:

It helps you to stay healthy and fit.
It helps you to have more energy and reduce stress.
It gives you more mental clarity.
It helps boost your metabolism.
It helps you tackle your day with enthusiasm.
It improves your self confidence.

In today's highly competitive world, we lead sedentary lifestyles which leaves us sitting a lot on our desk at work, in our cars and people have forgotten the importance of physical activity. We choose to prefer the fast food that is easily available than spending time cooking our meal. How many times have you seen people choosing coke over water during summers. These junk food only makes you unhealthy and piles on your weight. People prefer crash diet to lose this weight quickly! This is a very popular trend these days. How many times have we seen places promoting weight loss like - Lose 3Kgs in 1 week else money back!! Seriously?? Why would anyone want to go for this crash diet which makes you restrict yourself. Well people love shortcuts for success and even though that means restricting from eating good food. It seems like a shortcut to success but has a hell lot of disadvantages and health hazards associated with it. Continuing in the long term is simply dangerous to say the least. A few disadvantages of this crash diet being:

Balanced nutritional food are completely deprived. 
These offer quick temporary results which may not last long
It can lead to starvation many times
It can cause weakness in the body.
It can make you stressed out very fast.
It reduces your energy and causes mood swings

Plus there are so many research and theories proving that crash dieting should never be followed for losing weight.So it is very essential to stay active and having a balanced healthy food to stay fit and healthy. 

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