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When it comes to Mobile Network, it has always been Airtel for me. It all started when my dad got his first mobile with Airtel network back in 2003. Since we have the benefit of low call charges by having same network, whenever anyone in my family got a phone the default choice was Airtel network. Now this has only improved so much that right from mobile phone, we have broadband and DTH services of Airtel running at my place. 

Recently Airtel has launched the MyAirtelApp to offer the convenience of all its services to mobile subscribers. Earlier whenever I had to check various features of my account, I had to go through the annoying process of Dial #121 and something else. So I was really excited when I heard about this latest feature and immediately downloaded MyAirtelApp to check its features. It turned out pretty impressive and had some cool features. Here are top three key features about the app that was perfect with my fast paced crazy lifestyle.

Firstly it is very convenient to have all the details related to your Airtel account in your smartphone.Although the website shows related details, I always had trouble logging in to the website and keeping track of my bills and payment dates. In this app, clicking on the option to my bill shows my current dues, bill date, bill plan, pay history and bill summary and other un-billed usage related to the current cycle. Payment History instantly gives details of your past payments. This is definitely an awesome way to keep track previous payments. Earlier I would take screenshots of my payment success in case required but now I can check that from my phone itself. I can access my bill summary and also email the bill if required. The option to bill plan allows you to view your current plan. As all of these features are available in the app, its quick and is a great time saver. 

Second feature which I loved is the ability to recharge prepaid numbers from this app by just entering a couple of details like the number and amount. When I previously had prepaid number, it was really frustrating to recharge because I had to login into my laptop, connect to internet depending on availability and go through the slow process of online prepaid recharge. That is definitely saved now. With this app, I can recharge any Airtel number easily and without much trouble! Not only my mobile but I can also access my broadband accounts using this app at just one place. This is really very useful feature and gives us a lot of convenience. .

Last feature which I definitely loved is the new way to get exclusive offers on your Airtel number. For someone like me who is always on the lookout for new updates or offers this is definitely a bonus. Previously I would be calling the customer care every month to check on new offers but now this is easily accessible to me on my phone. Checkout more details here and view the latest advertisement for this feature on YouTube here.

With such amazing features, this is definitely a great way to great offers and a perfect experience with your Airtel connection!

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