Work hard, Dream Big !

Radical thoughts and ideas are definitely inspiring! Mr. Kapil Dev, has been an icon with his excellence in sports and cricket to the country. He recently started to promote an idea of #EkNayiLeague through Social media. Through this he plans to make everyone brainstorm and provide their feeling about what the message of #EkNayiLeague can be. According to him, it does not require the doing things with the heart. In fact he says you would fail if you played from your heart. He suggests taking a different attribute of optimism which can revolutionize the spirit in individuals to win and make them successful !

So, what this #EkNayiLeague could be?

After going through all his videos, I think that #EkNayiLeague is an interesting thought of dreaming big and trying to pushing to fulfill it. If we can put our mind to work, we can definitely dream big and push past the obstacles that may come on our way.We can then be strong enough to have the courage and strength to overcome them. It all begins with us. If we have belief in ourselves, our capabilities, commit to making the change and be consistent then we can definitely achieve anything.

He shares a few examples to share this thought. We are aware about Yuvraj Singh, the cricketer who was diagnosed with cancer some years back. In spite of that, he definitely showed great will to fight through the illness. He did not allow it to be as an obstacle for him to return back to cricket. He definitely showed a great determination and strength. This shows how he did not let his illness as serious as cancer stop him from his big dreams from coming true and we all can now see how successful he is today! 

He also talks about world famous tennis player Sania Mirza. She is currently the top tennis player in women’s doubles. She has represented India in many places and made us all very proud. She is clearly a true  example of women power, strength and independence. She is an icon of excellence for the Indian women. With her never dying spirits, she continues to spread the message for other Indian women that we do not need to be conservative but can be independent and self-sustaining if we believe in our dreams. We need to master the courage to not only dream big but also fight for our dreams because it is never an easy road. We can definitely achieve anything that we put our mind to. She dreamed big and achieved it.

I think that the #EkNayiLeague campaign, which Mr. Kapil Dev speaks about could be about dreaming big, setting goals, overcoming any hurdles that may come and punching them  in order to achieve success. As the famous saying goes, success happens when your dreams get bigger than your excuses. I feel that when we dream big and have that passion to achieve our goals, we can definitely achieve any level of success. I support Mr. Kapil Dev in his attempt and see this as a good way to achieve our dreams.

Think big, Dream big, believe big and your results will definitely be big !!

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