Impact of social media as a blessing

1st of April 2004. I still remember that day. Not because its April Fools day. But because it was the day that I created my first email account. Yes. My first email account with Yahoo. Having a social media presence was like owing a smartphone. It was not at all a must have to live but was a must have to survive. To survive among your friends and society. And that my dear friends was the first step of my journey into the gigantic world of social media. 

Right from Yahoo chat, to Orkut, to Facebook and now Twitter and Instagram and what not...The list is endless. New trends in the social media keep coming and change with time. What first started for me as a way to share my updates with friends shaped into way of keeping in touch with them. More so that these days I hardly check my Orkut or Facebook accounts.

What changed the most for me was the online contests held by many companies through social media. As a medium for promoting their brands, it gives an opportunity for amateur photographers like me to participate and showcase our talent. It gives me immense adrenaline rush to participate in these contests than mindlessly browse through news feed.

Slowly my focus shifted to searching for online contests in social media and participating in them. Through this I came to know about many brands and my general knowledge also increased. Initially I found a few contests in Facebook and kept myself busy with them. With so many medium these days, my hands are full of dates with photography contest deadlines. Slowly and steadily I started winning these contests. My sense of confidence improved and my passion for photography increased.

My most memorable contest was a photography contest with Woodland which I found in Twitter. I won first prize in that contest and they sent me to an all expense paid 7 day trip to Kenya. Imagine winning an all paid trip to an international country. It was like dream come true. 

It still amazes my parents because during their times television and Radio was the only way they get to know about updates. The awareness that social media brings across these days is simply tremendous. Isn't that a great way to stay updated with latest trends and current affairs. To me social media is simply a blessing in disguise. I am so thankful to all those companies who spend so much time in promotion so that their product is popular among consumers. Who would have imagined that a way to keep in touch with friends would now turn into my source of living. I may be very active in social media for checking contests but completely out of the league of commenting on photos. It was very easy to get lost in commenting on pics and stalking people.  But if we find our focus, we can turn anything to what we set our mind to. 


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