Impacts of Walking

Walking is one the best low-impact, gentle exercise that's easily available to everyone. Right from the time we were kids, the first thing we do was to walk. It is freely available to us and suitable for all ages.

Below are the impacts of walking and why it is so good for you – 

1. Walking strengthens your heart
Regular walking reduces the risk of stroke and heart disease. It's great form of exercise which helps to lower bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. In addition, a brisk walk into your every day routine also helps to control the high blood pressure and reduces the risk of strokes.

2. Walking lowers disease risk

A consistent habit of walking habit cuts the risk of diabetes. You are even less likely to develop cancer of the womb or breast with an active hobby such as walking.Taking more steps everyday can ward away diseases like asthma.
Recently my mom was diagnosed with having diabetes. She was feeling very tired and lethargic and ran down with energy. She was constantly drinking lots of coffee loaded with sugar to bring back that energy. Her eating habits were simply unhealthy and she skipped meals due to this lack of energy. Her doctor gave her a healthy eating plan, urged her to cut down on coffee and strictly take a 30 minute walk every day. She took the docs advice very seriously and within few weeks of following the plan, she noticed tremendous changes in her energy levels. Within a month, her sugar level came down and she is full of energy now. 

3. Walking helps you maintain weight

For someone weighing 60kg, brisk walk of 30 minutes helps to burn about 75 calories by walking 3.2km. If you increase your speed you end up burning more calories. If you walk 6.4Km per hour burns calories equivalent to having cakes.  The more you need to lose weight, the more you need to increase your speed of walking for burning more calories

4. Walking prevents Osteoporosis

Walking is a total body exercise, but mainly works on your feet and legs which support your body's weight. Walking restores and strengthens bones and increases bone density. This is very important to everyone especially for women. Walking about 8Km-10Km a week can help develop your bone health.

5. Walking tones up legs, glutes and abs

Regular brisk walking can give amazing definition to quads, calves hamstrings while lifting your glutes muscles. If you add intensity to your walking by walking on hills or inclines you will burn more calories and get more effective workout. Although it is a free form of exercise, we need to maximize to get a total body exercise. If we maintain correct posture in our walks, it also helps to tone your waistline and abs.

6. Walking boosts levels of vitamin D

Walking is effective if its done in the open air. That being said, we are free to do it anytime and anywhere. If we get a brisk 30 min walk in the early morning, we maximize calorie burns by also boosting our Vitamin D. Now this nutrient has a huge role in impacting many things from bone health to our immune systems. 

In addition to all this, it is great way to travel and wonderful form of social activity. It is effective and convenient and great way to interact with friends because you can easily talk and have a quick walk.


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