Promises do stay true !

One of the things I always wanted in my man was to respect his partner equally and value them. So the day Anirudh proposed me, I wanted to see if this guy really matches this criteria. I had always known him as my friend but never seen this aspect. I borrowed time from him for my decision and started to closely monitor him. I even went one step ahead and tried to put scenarios where I wanted his views.

So far it was going good. He was one of my very good friends in Hyderabad. No one knew me more than him. Our mindsets matched and we really enjoyed each others company. But when it comes to taking friendship to next level, we need to consider so many things.So after a good one months time, I called him for a lunch date on Sunday.

As usual he came on his bike and we met at our favorite eating joint. Deep inside i too liked this guy but always held back after my first experience with Manoj. So I decided to pour it out to Anirudh. It went very uncomfortable at the start. But I wanted Anirudh to know how hurt and depressed I was from my relationship with Manoj because of one thing missing. Manoj never valued me. He forever seemed to dismiss my ideas, my suggestions were rubbish. Girls were only decorative pieces in life. I should become a housewife and quit my job. I do not have the right to dream and many more crap. Time and again I felt hurt and my self esteem dropped and he never took a second to recognize that. All my efforts to tell him ended with fights and he would convince me up and again the cycle repeats.I was really tired of being just a girl in his life. He was very egoistic like his father. I had my nights crying about this relationship. I had several hours questioning my own thoughts. What kind of a relationship was I in where I was not valued. If this is the case now what will happen once I follow his words and quit my job. I was not meant for that. This never fit with me because I was not that girl. So on 17th Jan I gathered all my courage and called off my relationship with Manoj. 

I wanted Anirudh to know the main things that mattered to me. He was the caring, supportive, sweet, lovable, understanding friend but he always had to know what I expect in my partner. I wanted Anirudh to value my dreams as I respected his choices. I wanted Anirudh to respect my ideas and suggestions as I always considered his opinions. 

After opening up my heart to him, the first thing he said was "I love you for the person you are. I can never dream to hurt you. I need you in my life. Your happiness and satisfaction is my top priority. I promise from the bottom of my hurt to love your every single day. I promise to be with you forever!".

Those words of Anirudh at our favourite eating joint still hold true and I am proud he stood by his promises.

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