Nombu !!

Last Wednesday was the festival of Karadaiyan nombu. On this day, all the South Indian women tie yellow threads around their neck. It is a ritual where the women pray to Goddess Devi for the health and prosperity of their life partner. Traditionally, women are supposed to pray for their husband on empty stomach and then have food at the end of the prayer.

This being my first nombu after wedding, it is the "Thalai Nombu". My in-laws came to visit us last week especially to celebrate this festival with us. 

On that day, I had to get up early and get ready for the prayer on an empty stomach. We had to wear a 9-yard sari and perform the rituals at the specific time. Since it was a working day, I had to wind up with the celebration and rush back to work. My mother-in-law took care of preparing the nombu adai's which was really helpful for me. The ritual started around 9am where mother-in-law performed the pooja and gave the yellow thread to tie. At the end of the prayer, we had a taste of the nombu adai's which tasted really yummy.

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