Cooking rice in Pressure Cooker

Rice is a staple food in all South Indian houses. Before wedding i was not even aware of cooking rice properly. Overtime i learnt that and sharing my knowledge with you. 

1. Take one cup of rice in a vessel
2. Rinse the rice to be cooked in a vessel thoroughly and drain the water from the vessel. Continue this step till the water in the vessel is clear. 
3. Pour water in the vessel till the water level covers the rice and let it soak for sometime.
This step is to make sure that the rice comes smooth.
4. For 1 cup of rice, pour 2 cups of water in pressure cooker and let the water boil and turn the stove on.
5. When water in the cooker starts boiling, drain the water from the vessel and empty the rice containing vessel into pressure cooker. Check that the water level covers the rice.
6. Close the lid of the pressure cooker firmly and place the weight on top of the vent in a way that it sits firmly in place.
7. The cooker will begin to 'whistle' when steam escapes from the vent covered by the weight.
8. Let this happen till whistles 3 times.
9. Switch off the stove and let it set for 10-15 minutes.
10. Remove the weight and open the pressure cooker lid carefully. Your rice is ready.

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