Ora-Ovations !!

Last week we had an exciting weekend attending Ora-Ovation. This is a cultural gathering event at my husband's work which happens every two years. 

I had heard a lot about this from my husband. So this year I was all excited for it. Husband was among list of photographers for the event. So he had to be at the venue much before the event started. So I came along with Manisha, Randhir and Meenu to the venue directly.

As we made our way inside, there were lots of people already seated. I got to meet my husband's team and his managers along with their family. It was fun to see so many employees and their families and catch-up with them. Meenu's husband Srini was to be participating in many dance shows. So we went in and occupied a table in the third row as we were eager to see his performance. Also singer Shreya Ghosal was going to be coming for some performances. So we were really excited for the event to begin.

As the guests were settling down, my husband just found us and informed that starters were open. So we could start with some tid-bits and catch-up with friends. When I went to pick a few starters, I was surprised to see so many varieties. Also they had organised the place very nicely and many volunteers were around coordinating with people and making smooth flow.

We just got back to our table with the starters when the show started. First performance itself was a dance by Srini and his team on fusion remixes. Then there were many more music and dance performances. I was really enjoying the dance performances. My husband was busy clicking a lot of pictures. It was then time to have main course dinner. So we went to get our dinner and were just announced that Shreya's performances would start in sometime. 

As she came in, audience were very excited. She started off with her latest music and then went on nonstop to other hit Bollywood numbers. The crowd were very ecstatic with her music. Then there was lot of request from audience for her to sing few hit Bollywood songs. She then sang lot of hit Bollywood songs as requested by the audience and left. We were very happy and excited with her performance. Then it was time for DJ music. The dance floor was open for employees to dance to music. Lot of them went with their friends and danced. I was forcing my husband to join me in the DJ dance. But as the crowd got more on the dance floor, we changed our plan and enjoyed it from our table. 

All in all, it was a well spent weekend and enjoyable event !!

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