Sunday Runday 5K !!

This weekend we had plans to go for a date night to a movie but sadly that did not happen and we had to move it to next weekend. We ended up going for a long walk together. 

On Sunday i had a 5Km run on my schedule. The temperature has been getting a bit warm here. Morning when i woke up, the temperature was 18. As we had been for a long walk yesterday, it was a much required for my body to relax from the week's workouts. So i was all set to get my 5Km done for that day. The best part about having a 5Km is that it gets done before we even start to realize it and the workout is done. I updated my playlist with an audio-book of Developing the Leader Within You by John Maxwell. Since reading books is one of my goals for this year, i am trying to take advantage of listening to audio-books while commuting or while going for a run.Next i had my running clothes ready on Saturday itself. So it made me easier to just get ready and get into my running shorts on Sunday.I quickly changed from my PJ's, put on my head-phones, laced up my shoes and went out. 
I planned to run inside the botanical garden. I just love running inside this garden which has one loop of 5Km, So I can run through the entire loop through the serene greenery with birds around along. The run started out smooth. The music and the warmth gave me a good kick-start.

I crossed half way at 2.5 Km and made my way back again.The audio-book was awesome and i completed 2 chapters. It was definitely inspiring and I just love all of John Maxwell's books on Leadership. I thoroughly enjoyed my run listening to the book. Before i realized i completed my 5Km run in 37 minutes !!!

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  1. I really need to find a great book and listen to it during my long runs; I usually have lots of podcasts to listen to, but I think a book would be really fun (especially since I read so much!). I'm so glad you had a great run; I'm with's wonderful to get out and get it done before you've really missed any of your day. Thanks so much for linking up with the blog!

    1. Absolutely. I think i am going to lookout for more audio-books now as it gives me an accomplishment to complete my run along with some reading ;) Thanks for the link-up !!