2015 Goals !!

We are already 8 days into 2015...whoa...days are flying so fast !!

2014 was CHALLENGING - TRANSITIONAL - BLESSED for me and my family in s many ways. I got to experiment with many new opportunities and also had moments of struggle, but overall 2014 was a good learning year. I have high hopes for this year and some goals to conquer. Since I have been thinking about all this week, i thought what better way than to document them on my blog which will help me try to stay a little more accountable!

1. Wake up early - Err...this also means going to sleep early. I always tell myself that i need to go to bed by 11 but would get stuck doing things and and end up finally at 1 a.m. This makes me leaving so exhausted because I got to sleep so late. 

2. Stick to exercising daily - With over a year of consistent walking, it is time that i focused more on toning workouts. So what better than to participate in the Tone it up Love your body series starting this January. My goal is to stick to this challenge for 6 weeks. After that, my goal is to workout minimum 5 days a week consistently and track progress.

3. Learn to calm down and stay focused and controlled - I tend to get emotional very often sometimes even though its not required at all. This makes me waste time and energy and get diverted rather than concentrate on my goals. So starting this week, one of my goals is to stay focused on my goals and exert better control over my emotions.

4. Try cooking new foods at home - Lately looking at my meal planning, I realized that i tend to cook the same food over and over without experimenting or trying new foods at home. This tends to get boring and we end up at the restaurants during the weekends. So this year, i target to cook minimum 2 new food at home every month. 

5. Drink more water - I really suck at this. I just tend to forget drinking water !!! Can you believe that???
My goal this year is to have a water bottle filled at my desk so that it stays right in front of me and i am reminded to drink water. I target to drink 2 Liters of water  everyday.


6. Read more books - This is something that i need to get back on. I definitely need to get serious on this  goal and target to read minimum 2 books every month. This would help me grow and also help me gain confidence and participate in more toastmaster meetings.

7. Blogging - Last year i was blogging mostly my workouts and a bit on my travel here and there. But this year I want to get more active with my blog and continue to educate myself more about blogging. My goal is to have 5 posts per week till June. 

8. Travels - I am so thankful that we both love to travel. Even on our smaller trips, I want to take more photos and document it here on the blog so that I can cherish those moments for years to come!

9. Get more organized - I tend to get laid back on weekends spend more time on Facebook rather than organizing things and preparing for the week. What has been following is a week of chaos trying to search and find things and getting things done at last minute. This year i want to spend time on weekends organizing things for the week and also clean the house so that it stays intact. 

10. Unplug at least one time a week: One reason i go to bed late is due to my computer. I will be aimlessly scrolling through Facebook checking what others are upto before I go to bed and I end up exhausted . This is something i want to replace with a good habit this year and at least once a week I want to unplug and stay disconnected from Facebook !!

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  1. Congrats on planning to read more. I am doing a reading challenge this year too. Read more about it here http://runwright.net/2015/01/07/now-that-mark-zuckerberg-made-reading-cool-again/
    Also, if you are not on Goodreads, consider signing up. It's a great way to keep track of what you've read.
    PS. I found you through the TOL linkup

  2. I liked your goal to read 50 books this year. Totally loved the reading challenge you shared. I haven't checked Goodreads. Will check that as well. Thanks for sharing and good luck on your challenge !!