A Foe Turned Friend

"Ellora keep quiet. I will tell your name to teacher", Soum said. This would be a regular thing happening in school whenever our teacher would ask class monitor Soum to make sure no one is talking. Soum was my overweight, strict and studious classmate who would abide by our teacher's words very seriously. Ellora on the other hand was my best friend who was a totally jolly person. She could keep talking without stopping and so would get caught everytime the teacher asked Soum to monitor the class. For that she would be given some punishment or scolding by our teacher. Due to this Ellora hated Soum so much and considered him her biggest enemy.


2 Years later, we three of us again happened to be in the same college along with few others. We had our own group of friends ad we never included Soum. Time few by and we all went to different colleges for engineering. We were in regular contact through social media and we made sure to meet occasionally. Overtime, we lost contact of few of our friends and obviously with Soum too.

One fine day in month of Oct, we got a news that we would be having our school reunion in Dec. We got excited since it was more than 5 years that we had met our classmates. 

Finally, the D-Day came. It was surprising to see our classmates as they came. We were very eager to meet our classmates with whom we had lost contact. One by one as they came in the entire atmosphere turned into a rocking place. Then came Soum. He had actually changed so much. He had lost weight, built on some muscles and looked good too. He came to us and spoke and this was i guess after a long time that we actually spoke to him. He turned out to be jovial person. Finally, we ended exchanging our contact details and started being in regular contact.

As time flew by, we got into our first jobs. Surprisingly Ellora and Soum got placed in the same company Wipro at same location Hyderabad. As this was a new city and they knew no one there, they both got along really well together. One fine day, i get the surprise of my life when Ellora calls me to tell that she and Soum are in a relationship. I could not believe this and totally surprised. Eventually they got married and two years later were blessed with a daughter Jia. 

Yesterday was Jia's first birthday party. We all met after long and had a good time together.I still cannot believe that two people who were once implacable foes in school, have become good friends later and are now a couple !!

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