Weekly Workout Recap and Menu Planning - 25Jan

Happy Sunday ! This weekend again has been super hectic in a fun way. Yesterday i completed 2 of my long pending projects at work. I was procrastinating and delaying completing them. So i picked it up yesterday aiming to finish at-least one but ended up completing both of them. It was very satisfying and left me with a sense of accomplishment. Today i had been to Toastmasters Officers Training Programs which we were hosting and it went on from morning till evening. This being my first Toastmaster's district level meeting, i was not sure of what to expect out there. But it turned out to be very informative and fun and there were lot of takeaways. I got to catch-up with few folks and also got to meet a lot of new people. There were people from so many different backgrounds and it was a pleasure hosting the event and meeting people there. Also i am thankful for tomorrow being a holiday for Republic day. So i am just going to relax and get ready for the week. 

Even though a fun weekend, I did my workouts in the morning. I am happy to have stuck with the TIU workouts so far. I have followed all the workouts and trying my best to finish the challenge strong !!

Weekly Workout Recap :

Monday (1/19) - Cupid's Cardio, Love Your Total Body
Tuesday (1/20) - 5 Km Walk, Love Your Arms & Abs
Wednesday (1/21) - Love Your Booty x2, Malibooty
Thursday (1/22) - Love Your Body with Yoga, Love Your Abs
Friday (1/23) PM- Love Your Body with HIIT, Love Your Arms
Saturday (1/24) AM- 5 Km Walk in the evening
Sunday (1/25) - 8 Km Run

Weekly Menu Planning :


Breakfast :
Vegetable Omelette
Finger millet Pancake
Peanut Butter Toast

Mint Rice
Coconut Rice
Capsicum Rice

Sprouted Green Gram
Fruit Salad
Vegetables and Hummus

Carrot and Roti
Eggplant and Roti
Cauliflower and Roti

Linking up to Jill Conyers for weekly recap and menu planning !!


  1. We have a Toastmaster's club at work...I should probably join, it's a great skill to have! Nice job with your workouts!

    1. Totally. I love Toastmasters. My communication has improved a lot since joining the club !! Thanks for stopping by !

  2. I do the same thing with procrastinating on big projects but then feeling SO good when they're done!

    1. Absolutely. The feeling of accomplishment is definitely SO good. Thanks for stopping by !

  3. Awesome workout week! I keep reading such great things about TIU programs.